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Blessings in the Waiting: 147-145

1. Having work be slow enough that it's okay to be home sick when I need to
2. Staying in my PJs all day
3. Technology that allows me to work from my phone when I'm home sick on the couch and make sure my inbox is not overloaded when I get back
4. Cleaning out Jen's fridge with a yummy dinner with the girls
5. A no pressure Friday evening in our sweats

6. Meeting with designers for invites and coming up with some great ideas!
7. Getting a much overdue haircut....and catching up with Kora
8. A hilarious goofy food fight....we felt like middle schoolers again!
9. Running errands in the pretty AZ weather!
10. A couple catch up phone calls with mom....much needed!

11. A pretty fall themed table at church
12. The joy I get out of serving where I'm gifted
13. Seeing a heart warming movie that makes you think....why not?
14. Visiting with Grandma over soup and pizza
15. Chatting with my future mother in law and anticpating our Thanksgiving together. So excited about having everyone under one roof!!!!


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