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Half Marathon, Here We Come!

It must be a good thing that I splurged on a new pair of running shoes recently, because Blake and I are officially signed up for the San Antonio Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in November!  

Not exactly sure what we are getting ourselves into, but I'm looking forward to training to get in shape to make this half happen.  I trained for one in the past and then ended up having to have a follow up knee surgury so I didn't get to run my race.  I'm glad to have Blake by my side to train and hopefully run with.  A few of my girlfriends are also going to be running.  Should be nice to have a few others to train with as well.

Now we just need these 105 degree temps to drop so we can find some cooler weather to run in.  It was still 100 outside when we finnished our run at 8:30pm last night!  (Note to self: don't eat dinner and go run in 100 degree weather)

Any tips or advice on training is more than welcome!  My sister's (she's a seasoned half marathoner) best advice was to strength train as well as get a super cute outfit to run in day of! :) Love her!

Wish me luck!



My friend Ali featured me on her blog, with and i.e..  Hop over and check out the feature today and explore her adorable blog! 

Ali and I met through her husband, Brandon at General Mills while we were living in Arizona.  She would join us for work lunches and happy hours with co-workers and I would always have style crushes on her awesome outfits.  She and Brandon now live in Arkansas with their son Will.  We miss seeing them all the time! 

Enjoy checking out her blog....she's onto something! :)


Menu Plan Monday

I'm back from a wonderful girls trip to Mexico!  A big cup of coffee for me this morning!  It's always hard to get back into the swing of thing so dinners are going to be simple and easy this week!  Happy Monday to all!

Monday:  Pesto Chicken and Salad
Tuesday:  Grilled fish, Grape/gorgonzola/onion salad
Wednesday:  Burgers, Salad & Grilled corn on the cob
Thursday:  Date night!
Friday:  Red curry shrimp on brown rice


I'm salivating....

Excuse my gross title....but seriously, this looks incredible

Photo credit:  Elaine Skinner
What an amazing concept!  A transient restaurant that travels from venue to venue (sometimes farm to farm) with ever changing menus fit to echo the setting, city or hands of the people who bring food to the table.  This sounds like a foodie dream complete with local ingredients and a local, celebrated chef all dining elbow to elbow at a long table together. 

If only I had a spare $400 lying around for Blake and I get experience this!


Running on Empty

I wrote yesterday about how we have been grilling everything this summer.  Sure enough, just in time for a going away dinner party with friends, our tank was completely empty.  I guess I will be eating my words that we will be grilling all of our dinner this week. 

We cranked up our oven and filled it to the brim with pork tenderloin and veggies.  Plan B worked out okay! 

Last night was so bittersweet.  Our dear friends, Carrie and Bryan, will be moving to Dallas next week.  We had one last dinner with them to send them off.  They quickly became very dear friends to us right after we moved to Austin.  They will be so missed!  We have learned so much from them through their friendship.  I have greatly admired their honesty, vulnerability, authenticity and servant hearts.  They have been wonderful friends.  We have had so many fun evenings of dinners at eachothers house and hours spent on the couch chatting.  We have been so blessed by both of them and their sweet daughter Charis.  I am excited to see how God uses them in Dallas.  

Can't wait to go visit them soon when baby Annabelle comes.  Glad they won't be too far away!  We will miss you Hendersons!
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