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The Lone Star State

I’m on the plane as we speak headed back from San Antonio, Texas – my usual work route. I’m lucky to go back to Texas (yes, like the song) so frequently because of my job. I can’t tell you how much I miss the Lone Star State. I know lots of people think Texans are just crazy when we talk about how much we love it, but there is something really quite special and one-of-a-kind about our state.

Don’t get me wrong, life in Arizona is wonderful. After all, it is my birthplace. I’m very blessed with wonderful friends, have family nearby, a great job and an awesome church….plus the state neckwear is the bolo tie. But, I get this crazy feeling of nostalgia whenever I’m in Texas. Sometimes it makes me want to move back, mostly because my family is there, but I’m content where life has me right now. Plus I can call myself a TexZoni.

There are about a thousand reasons why I love Texas, but since Texas is the 28th state (though we could be our own country at any point) I thought I would share 28 highlights in random order….

1. The Texas Longhorns
2. Floating the river
3. Boys with manners! (well really anyone with manners )
4. It’s appropriate to wear cowboy boots with anything, including your favorite dress
5. “Yes ma’ams” and “no sirs” – though when I first moved there we thought that people were joking!
6. The diverse landscape from end to end of the state….desert to piney woods; hill country to the gulf it’s all beautiful!
7. The fact that you are forced to take Texas History for an entire year in 7th grade
8. Austin Stone Community Church
9. The insanely beautiful state capitol building (did you know that the building is taller than the nation’s capital building and it’s the only state where the flag can fly at the same height as the US flag?) + the view from the UT tower to the Capitol building…nice city planning!
10. Football insanity starting in middle school
11. The San Marcos outlet malls….Texas’ most popular tourist attraction behind the Alamo
12. The gorgeous hill country oak trees – that’s why I fell in love with the UT campus
13. Shiner Beer
14. Texas country music, yes there is a difference
15. People’s willingness to just strum up a conversation or just be friendly in line at the grocery store
16. Yard signs for high school sports
17. The Whole Foods headquarters- a culinary heaven on earth
18. The phrase: “Don’t Mess with Texas”
19. The fact that Blake is from Texas too
20. Austin City Limits
21. Continental Airlines
22. Mums at homecoming (I’m not talking about the flower)
23. The Astros
24. The Red River Shootout/Lone Star Cup
25. HEB- I know I might be a little biased, I really just wish I could shop there in AZ!
26. TexMex & BBQ….Trudys , Rudys, Salt Lick
27. Massive Texas high school drill teams
28. 21017 Williams Creek Drive

I was on a roll and couldn’t stop at just 28….here are 10 more bonus reasons!

30. Keeping Austin Wierd
31. Mumus are not just for Cinco de Mayo
32. The simple pride of everyone who is from/or has lived there
33. The repeated drive from Austin to Houston – sometimes filled with tears, stress, anxiousness (good or bad), excitement, nerves and plenty of great catch- up phone conversations!
34. How Texans outside of the state instantly have a bond just because they are from Texas – Mandy, Jordan, The Kerseys, Julia….
35. Pearl earrings and Nike running shorts
36. Bluebonnets in the springtime
37. Breakfast tacos – seems to be the only place where they get it right. I have yet to find a yummy alternative in the valley
38. The familiar sound of, “yall” rolling off someone’s lips (I’m not a fan of the phrase “fixin” though!)

Just so Arizona doesn’t feel left out….there might just be a sequel for the Grand Canyon State. Stay tuned and Hook ‘em Horns.


Amanda said...

you left off THE AGGIES

krislyn. said...

So, with this list you have solitified my desire to check out Texas. I truly want to go to Texas one weekend .. Can we make this happen in the Fall?? Possibly fine a nice southern boy with manners .. ha =)

Ohh the pride that all Texans have in their state -- I love it!

Loren Fowler said...

39. Life at 5002 Fresco with L. Fowler
40. 24 hour dance partner is from there....also L. Fowler

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