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In Honor of the Wednesdays....

I. Miss. These. Girls.

It seemed fitting to write about the "Wednesdays" on Wednesday.  These lovely ladies (several are missing from this pic) were some of my closest friends while we lived in Arizona.  Weekly, they brought truth, joy, laughter, comfort, celebration and true friendship into my life.  I miss this group for the tight knit community of women and the aspects of life we experienced together.  I think it's truly remarkable that such a large group of girls would meet together and do life together week after week together - especially at our age!

It's been so fun to see so many of these ladies have such exciting things in life happen to them in the past several years that i've know them.  Engagements, new jobs, weddings, decisions to go back to school, graduations, moving back home, etc.  I loved knowing their stories. 

So many of us have now moved away from Arizona.  We never quiet understood what God was doing as he gave and took away so many of these girls.  It was so hard to let go - but He was faithful in always providing more women to bless us.  These ladies were never replaced, God was just growing our circle.  Wednesdays always seemed to be a constant.  Even on the days I was tired and dragged my feet to get there, I was always glad I went in the end.

Kathy was a our fearless leader.  Weekly she poured hours of effort into teaching us the Word and bringing the text to life in a meaningful and applicable way.  She desired us to be intwined intimately and really be real with one another.  I love her love for Jesus, for us and her servant-hearted leadership that pointed us toward Christ. 

I'm continuing to pray for a community of women like this to surface in my life here in Texas.  I've certainly been blessed by a few here and there, but continue to pray for unity and community to grow more richly in our lives! 

I love and miss you Wednesdays!


krislyn. said...

And I love you! Wednesday's were the best part of my week by far living in Arizona. The instant community and love that I received upon joining the group was incredible, one that was truly orchestrated by God.

A time, I'll never forget. Growth. Love. God. Laughter. Community.

The best!

Amanda said...

I can speak for our whole group and say that we miss y'all every week!

Shey said...

Love you K.

KATHLEEN said...

Hey Katelin,
I had written this really cool response and it erased.
Great job on this.. My point was ...
you are sorely missed on our Wednesdays but not in spirit and I am praying for you to see that you, too, have the gift of teaching (and using the lessons we did) and making women feel loved and cared for....So what's holding you up...sister? Start praying now, and start a sister city group. Use the lessons, pray and love girls younger than you, ask the Lord to diirect you to a few key women and then "just do it."
We miss you soo much ...but how cool would it be if you started a group, and Krislyn started a group, and Julia started a group, and Jen started a group, and Katie started a group, and all the others who have gone before and after. Then we could have a sister group in each city and be spreading His love....and maybe....just maybe we could come up with a Name to our group. :)
Let's get going girls....
He is waiting for us to do this thing. One Bible study in each city.
I love you Katelin, and thank you for your generously kind words really encouraged me.
Miss you,

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