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Tour de Tejas: McKinney Roughs Park

New Years weekend Blake and I enjoyed taking another day trip near Austin to explore the Texas country around us.  This excursion led us to McKinney Roughs Park.  It was a beautifully designed park done by the LCRA.  They had extensive trails that could lead us down multiple different paths through the Lost Pines Region.  The park was bordered by the Colorado River.  It was a beautiful hike on a beautiful day!  

We also drove through the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort which is right down the road from McKinney Roughs. A long, windy road led us back to the resort. It was really rustic looking, yet looked extremely nice and looked like there was so much to do. Maybe a weekend trip is in order?

Totally worth the 20 minute drive outside of Austin! I think we will be making a repeat visit soon and explore more of the trails.

Blake by the Colorado


Blake Parrish said...

I don't looks creepy with the mountain biking gloves do I? Do I?

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