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Blessings in the Waiting: 25

1. A long bike ride to the park where we spent some time with Jesus together
2. Thankful hearts
3. A community
4. A creative idea for dinner that didn't go all that well...but was still pretty tasty!
5. The sound of rain on the skylights


Blessings in the Waiting: 28-26

1. Getting to head home after lunch for a work at home -half -day. I enjoyed my patio office :) It was actually pretty darn productive!
2. Getting dressed up - seeing B in a suit is so fun! He's so handsome!
3. Watching Jordan and Chris tie the knot on a beautiful AZ day!
4. Dancing like maniacs on the dance floor with my pals!
5. Feeling energized

6. A long bike ride that made my quads pretty sore with B
7. A little alone time to run some errands and take care of life
8. Showering Hannah with gifts, silly games and girly chatter
9. Celebrating Kristin over Sangria and yummy food with friends
10. Incredible weather - I heart AZ spring

11. Exciting news of OTBC moving to the Chef's Loft in just two weeks!
12. A bold challenge and prayer to ask God to multiply our church by 3 in a year!
13. Spring training games! Such a fun treat to be in the city where they do this every year!
14. Celebrating Ashley's bday!
15. Ending a lovely weekend of celebrations with a little cuddle time :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 29

1. Having a relaxing dinner with my grandparents
2. A spontaneous date night out over a glass of vino at Kazmires - such a dark, cool place
3. March Madness over the lunch hour
4. Letting spring into the house
5. Getting a little sun


Blessings in the Waiting: 30

1. Collaboration
2. My second successful day of bringing my lunch to work
3. Chiro massage
4. Being with the Wednesdays, being treated to a home cooked meal by Kathy and getting a little hyper after eating kisses stuffed into strawberries
5. Laughing with Lex


Blessings in the Waiting: 31

1. Sis saving me some dinero on a sale at Anthro!
2. A really long bike ride through the pretty houses in Arcadia! I heart our new location
3. Planning easter dinner to host at OUR house with some family!
4. Having the windows open at home - yay Spring!
5. Being in love.


Blessings in the Waiting: 32

1. Riding our bikes to Trader Joes to pick up a few filler items for the week
2. Calling my parents and hearing their continued excitement for wedding planning. I have no idea where they get this stamina! They bless us so much!
3. Cuddle naps
4. A new resolution to bring my lunch to work 2 days a week instead of eating out
5. Dancing around the house :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 35-33

1. A fun shopping lunch date with Kristina. I would love to be a stylist in my "other life"
2. Engaging with some our senior leadership team on their visit to our business center - incredible minds all in one room!
3. Cooking a meal with our sweet friends the Kerseys. I truly enjoy their company and the grace they give me when I fall asleep on their couch on a Friday night!
4. Getting to leave work a little early to put the finnishing touches on my outfit for Saturday night's festivities!
5. Getting our rehersal dinner and bridal brunch invites in the mail. What creative family members I have! So fun!

6. A challenging day on Camelback. PLUS - running into friends on the mountain!
7. LGO and sitting on the patio with iced tea in hand with my man
8. A antique store adventure - coming home with 2 pairs of boots for B and I for less than the price of 1 new pair!
9. An incredible dinner made my Alexis and dining with my beautiful house party!
10. SUCH a fun, silly, crazy, girly bachelorette night! I have such sweet friends to throw me such a fun evening to celebrate together!

11. The feeling of sore muscles after a good workout!
12. Arcadia farms w/ Dave and Brit on such a pretty Arizona spring day!
13. Seeing a glimpse of my bridal portraits!
14. A long Friday night catch up with mi hermana. I heart that we can talk about grown up things together now :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 36

1. A hilarious dance party to Black Eyed Peas in our garage. Yup, just me and Blake. Don't worry, the garage door was down.
2. A lunch time counseling session and finalizing some wedding details with Heath. I'm so encouraged and blessed by our time in pre marital counseling
3. Awesome access to the bike paths from our new house and a relaxing post work-day bike ride with my sweetie
4. Meeting our landlord at their restaurant. So sweet. I just wanted to hug her!
5. A lovely, romatic date night over Salmone Pizza and a bottle of Cab. :) I feel like we are in such a good spot. I. AM. OVERJOYED.


Blessings in the Waiting: 37

1. Having a handful of the Wednesdays over for some potluck fun and great teaching by Brenda Huff!
2. Feeling at home, at home
3. Great discussion about future finances with Blake....maybe I'm kidding myself but it was kinda fun!
4. Wearing my wedding band around the house :) It's like playing dress up
5. Loose leaf tea. YUM


Blessings in the Waiting: 39-38

1. A date-like dinner with my hubby to be complete with some Tuesday night vino and the sound of the fountain on our patio
2. My wonderful mom who will stop at nothing to make sure every detail is taken care of for wedding day
3. Cuddling...It might be my favorite thing to do ....ever
4. Enjoying the last few weeks of having a girl roomie and sharing some accessories...I'll miss you Lex!
5. Texting and chatting with the girls over the weekend's events and feeling so close and loved by each of them!

6. Running lots and lots of errands over the lunch hour - wedding season is here!
7. Getting my rehearsal dinner dress :)
8. Hearing, " you just need to focus on your wedding and personal life this month" at work - how amazing!
9. News of an exciting meeting for Mac!
10. Realizing not only is my wedding coming up, but my honeymoon is toooooo!


Blessings in the Waiting: 44-40

Get ready....this is a BIG one!

1. Feeling so loved by all the comments and feeback about our engagement pics. I can't believe even strangers commented!
2. Getting my wedding dress to ATX in one piece without too many wrinkles!
3. Being ahead of schedule and having a potentailly hectic day turn out very smoothly
4. Having a slow enough work week to escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by 2 days of vacation
5. A sweet boy to carry my bags and get me to the airport on time (B)

6. Meeting all of my hair and make up gals for a test run for a wedding and loving their personalities and talents! I'm so excited to have them make us b-e-a-utiful for wedding day!
7. Feeling so special in my wedding dress for bridal portraits - having someone ask me if I was a model or a real bride made me smile :)
8. An incredible, loving mother who brushed every hair out of my eyes and fixed every pleat on my dress to get some great pics!
9. A fun and energetic photographer. So excited to work with Kathryn!
10. Perfect Austin weather. One of those days that makes you think, "why don't I live here?"

11. My amazing sister and incredible planning skills to make my weekend so perfect!
12. Having 10 WONDERFUL women fly or drive to see me to celebrate along my side doing crazy fun things during a weekend I won't forget!
13. My insanely generous cousin, Mindy, who opened her home up to all of us girls for some insanely fun times!
14. 80s gear in public places. Too much fun!
15. Lizzie's homemade gifts :)

16. Coming home to my love.
17. Having a quiet night with a dinner fixed by B for me to relax and unwind. Not to mention meals planned and groceries shopped for for the WHOLE week!
18. The best breakfast tacos I've ever eaten
19. Saying goodbye to the lovely ladies in my life and knowing I'll see them again in 5 short weeks!
20. Inpromptu dance parties in the living room

21. An encouraging and motivating meeting with my director. I'm thankful for encouragement!
22. Incredible views out my office windows that I take for granted every day
23. Cloud cover on the mountains - makes me feel like I'm in some rainforrest jungle - so relaxing on a rainy day!
24. Being so sore and having bruises all over me - but knowing it was allll very worth it
25. 8:30 bedtimes....Bearenstein Bears and Too Much Bachelorette Party

This Weekend Was AMAZING....

A big thank you goes out to my lovely Bachelorette ladies. You made it an amazing weekend. More to come on all of our fun and funny details of the weekend! :)


Engagement Pic Sneak Peak!

Enjoy! :)

Blessings in the Waiting: 45

1. Trying to cook lamb and home. Such a yummy meat!
2. Getting my full deposit back at the old casa thanks to the scrubbing team of AH + KL
3. Finding some sweet prizes for the bachelorette weekend for best 80's get up!
4. Finnshing my packing early and having some time to relax on the couch w/ my B
5. My incredible, giving, generous, loving, selfless.....I could go


Blessings in the Waiting: 46

1. Coming home to an already prepped meal - ready for me to cook as I unwind!
2. An awesome prayer sesh with B - I heart his heart for Him
3. White noise of a box fan
4. A good walk/run to get the heartrate up and de-stress a bit
5. Multitasking


Blessing in the Waiting: 49-47

1. Enjoying some Tejas Trio and catch up conversation
2. Taking home my dress and veils from the shop. It all fits! Taking it home makes this all feel sooo real!
3. A sweet and generous friend that will stop her wedding prep to help me :) Thanks JH (soon to be JW)
4. People watching at Fashion Square...oh so fun
5. A lovely bit of quality time with Julia over shopping and iced tea

6. Entertaining for the first time at the new house!
7. Pot luck breakfast tacos and mimosas so yummy
8. The smell of Alexis' scones coming out of the oven
9. Getting dressed up to go out and dancing in my bathroom with the girls! Felt like college all over again!
10. Dancing with friends for a night out on the town

11. The sound of rain hitting the skylight
12. Blake's heart of service for me and for others.
13. Having some alone time w/ B and w/ myself to reconnect and catch up a bit on life
14. Grocery shopping @ F&E - I love that place!
15. Having church at the Chef's Loft. Such a cool space. I loved it.
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