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Blessings in the Waiting: 28-26

1. Getting to head home after lunch for a work at home -half -day. I enjoyed my patio office :) It was actually pretty darn productive!
2. Getting dressed up - seeing B in a suit is so fun! He's so handsome!
3. Watching Jordan and Chris tie the knot on a beautiful AZ day!
4. Dancing like maniacs on the dance floor with my pals!
5. Feeling energized

6. A long bike ride that made my quads pretty sore with B
7. A little alone time to run some errands and take care of life
8. Showering Hannah with gifts, silly games and girly chatter
9. Celebrating Kristin over Sangria and yummy food with friends
10. Incredible weather - I heart AZ spring

11. Exciting news of OTBC moving to the Chef's Loft in just two weeks!
12. A bold challenge and prayer to ask God to multiply our church by 3 in a year!
13. Spring training games! Such a fun treat to be in the city where they do this every year!
14. Celebrating Ashley's bday!
15. Ending a lovely weekend of celebrations with a little cuddle time :)


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