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Blessings in the Waiting: 143

1. Anthro sweater on sale to feel like it's really fall when I go home
2. Having some girl talk in my room, at the kitchen table and on the couch before I head to Texas
3. Fitting a massive amount of stuff in my suitcase....I think I can, I think I can....
4. Trader Joes Salads
5. The way prayer quiets my heart and fills me with His peace.


Blessings in the Waiting: 144

1. Shopping for a holiday wish list for a little girl whom I've never met
2. Pretending I was on vacation when listening to the music playing at Rumbi
3. An amazing workout - pushing myself to new physical limits
4. Hanging with Jen and enjoying our last few nights together :( tear.
5. Having a couple people tell me that I looked "festive" today hahaha


Blessings in the Waiting: 147-145

1. Having work be slow enough that it's okay to be home sick when I need to
2. Staying in my PJs all day
3. Technology that allows me to work from my phone when I'm home sick on the couch and make sure my inbox is not overloaded when I get back
4. Cleaning out Jen's fridge with a yummy dinner with the girls
5. A no pressure Friday evening in our sweats

6. Meeting with designers for invites and coming up with some great ideas!
7. Getting a much overdue haircut....and catching up with Kora
8. A hilarious goofy food fight....we felt like middle schoolers again!
9. Running errands in the pretty AZ weather!
10. A couple catch up phone calls with mom....much needed!

11. A pretty fall themed table at church
12. The joy I get out of serving where I'm gifted
13. Seeing a heart warming movie that makes you think....why not?
14. Visiting with Grandma over soup and pizza
15. Chatting with my future mother in law and anticpating our Thanksgiving together. So excited about having everyone under one roof!!!!


Blessings in the Waiting: 148

1. Celebrating the lovely Hannah K with Pei Wei and Funfetti (Rainbow Chip) cake
2. Repeating themes that the Lord keeps showing me
3. Working outside on the patio....refreshing change of scenery from my windowless cube
4. Getting some much needed customer service after speaking to a manager....lesson for self: go straight to the top!
5. The creative wonderland that is Etsy!


Blessings in the Waiting: 149

1. Lovely phone chat with Dad
2. How refreshing the Word is. No matter how many times I've read a verse, it still feels applicable, relevant and new
3. Getting a TON checked off my to-do list yesterday!
4. A holiday potluck at work to make money for kids and families in need!
5. Party in the USA jam session on the way to work.


Blessings in the Waiting: 150

1. Seeing a hot air balloon on my way to work.
2. Making a yummy dinner at home for the first time in a while!
3. Thankfulness that God never changes....
4. A big pot of soup waiting for me at the end of this chilly day!
5. Being only 7 days away from TEXAS and FRIENDS and FAMILY!


Blessings in the Waiting: 154-151

1. Queso and ritas with the ladies!
2. Reconnecting with Julie in AZ!
3. Getting fro-yo instead of going to a piano bar an being totally fine with it
4. An awesome lunch that encouraged my heart!
5. The fact that it actually feels like summer is OVER!

6. Sweaty, intense yoga session alone
7. Texas Football and being surrounded by UT Alums and one really cute Aggie (who is the best sport ever!)
8. Friendgiving 2009! Delish food and fabulous friends!
9. Having Jen's photo book turn out so great and getting to have friends write sweet things in it for her
10. A sign in Blake's neighborhood that said, "Found: Necklace" and someone with the heart to return it! AMAZING!

11. Listening to Blake pray with 31 friends around us.....and watching him become an awesome leader :)
12. Rediscovering my love to draw....during the sermon on Sunday...uh oh
13. Watching Hudson with Blake and seeing even more how much he loves kids and how great of a dad he will be someday!
14. A fun evening with the Konrads over some take-out and French Horn concerts
15. Snuggling and taking a load off my feet after a busy weekend!


Blessings in the Waiting: 155

1. Getting to see Blake during a work-day - even if we were both pounding away, just nice to sit next to each other
2. Blake's willingness to ensure our big day is just how we envisioned it
3. Getting to hang with Joey and Jen and laughing really hard
4. A night ride to the Big Pour, complete with VIP access
5. Jen's potential cooking show premiere!


Blessings in the Waiting: 156

1. Having a jam packed day of meetings, but enjoying being out from behind the desk
2. Letting out a little emotion about Jen leaving.....
3. Cherishing some one on one time with her.
4. Connecting with my mom over some career possibilities
5. New body wash


Blessings in the Waiting: 157

1. Taking some alone time to recharge a bit
2. Blake's guidance and wisdom - working through priorities
3. Getting to bed early all week so far
4. Not taking my computer home with me
5. Clean sheets and hospital corners (thanks Lex)


Blessings in the Waiting: 158

1. Being back in the office for a low key week....thank the Lord!
2. Wearing my new sassy boots :)
3. Fall food when it doesn't feel like fall outside
4. Dinner w/ the Kersey's
5. Desire to be in the Word


Blessings in the Waiting: 161-159

1. What a blessing the new gathering place is at SOLA. It's so exciting to know you can come and hang out with the body of OTBC!
2. Mid day friend visit - happy work day!
3. Wisdom from Heath and Lisa. Love their honesty and their heart to share it with us. So thankful for their generosity in time to pour into us!
4. Silly play time with Kate and Natalie.....never a dull moment
5. Booking our honeymoon plane tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Dreaming of our new house together via bike ride in Scottsdale
7. Sunny day, perfect for some outdoor exercise
8. Delish greek fest food and dancing!
9. College football relax day....
10. Having no plans and just taking the weekend one thing at a time....just becuase we felt like it

11. Consistantly beautiful AZ weather
12. Crock pot easy and yummy!
13. Grandparent time
14. Getting to chat with Don and Jill - can't wait to see them this holiday season!
15. New outfits for the engagement shots :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 164-162

1. Finding a sweet pair of boots at last chance
2. Very quick flight to Texas - some time to get organized
3. Driving different rental cars each week....I like to change it up
4. Roaring Fork Green Chille Stew
5. An encouraging conversation with my new manager

6. Feeling challenged
7. The convenience of the so dependant, but it makes my life so easy
8 Delish Riverwalk dinner
9. Not feeling intimidated by people that I should probably be intimidated by....
10. Connecting with co-workers

11. An engaging and collabortive meeting
12. Beautiful Texas weather - the turning of the seasons is the perfect time!
13. Alignment
14. A sweet fiance waiting at the bottom of my stairs with cheery sunflowers at the end of a long long day
15. Managing to get an aisle seat on Southwest after nearly missing my flight!


Blessings in the Waiting: 165

1. Grabbing dinner at AJs - gourmet meal without cooking! Fab idea!
2. Breaking in some new flats....I'm thinking about having all my work pants altered for flats so I can skip the heels everyday
3. Seeing my cousin at a YL event!
4. Making heaps of salty buttery popcorn with Mandy
5. Deep sleep


Blessings in the Waiting: 166

1. Not paying for one meal out this entire weekend!
2. Holding baby Hudson for a long time - he's the sweetest and happiest baby I know!
3. A sweet sweet gift from the roomie back from Boston
4. Getting lots checked off the wedding to do list via email today
5. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from a crazy month of big meetings at work: Thursday is D Day!
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