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Blessings in the Waiting: 50

1. 50 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Having a very slow work day, I know the Lord provided it to allow me some peace
3. Taking engagement pics at the Farm. It was so much fun! I felt so special and can't wait to see the results!
4. Seeing our living room come together :) I heart my new rug
5. A quick, yet yummy dinner w/ the hubs to be.


Blessings in the Waiting: 51

1. Coming home to more things hung on the walls! What a treat!
2. A little impluse buy over lunch that gave me some new inspiration for the living room
3. Being with the Wednesday night girls with laughs, tears and the sense of growing community
4. Seeing more and more of my need for Jesus in my humanity
5. Cuddling while we catch up on our reading


We've Moved!

That's right, we're in! After a very rainy weekend of sweet and amazing friends, that will get drenched to move your stuff and caring more about covering your dark wood sleigh bed then their heads, we are finally in the new house! By "we" I mean Alexis and me and most of Blake's stuff. Blake has somewhat moved his life over to the new house and is working there in his new (very red) office during the day (sure beats his bedroom at his place!) but heads home at night for some shut eye. I can't believe this is going to be our Newlywed Home. It's so so so so so exciting and it's all starting to feel really REAL.

It's also really starting to feel like home. There is something different about being in a house instead of an apartment that feels more like a home then just a space with walls where you live. I promise I will have pictures soon, but you will have to wait until I feel a little more settled and most importantly decorated! If you know me well, you know that I got that gene from my mom where white space is nearly irritating and unsettling. Since Saturday i've been arranging and rearranging every decorative thing in the house (maybe multiple times)! It's a lot more space than I have ever had before so I'm getting creative with how to fill it without spending tons of dough (Blake is being very patient w/ me on this front). There is also a large surplus of bookshelves ALL over the house. If you need a place to store your library, let us know! I'm having to get pretty darn creative with color and decoration because as of now we are not supposed to paint anything and there are some VERY interesting colors on the walls. Let's just say the owners really love Terracotta and crazy AZ tile.

I heart the kitchen so so so much. It's so spacious and just lovely to cook in. Plan on a Easter celebration at our house if any of you happen to be in town.

More to come on the house....stay tooned!

Blessings in the Waiting: 52

1. Actually enjoying my "sacrifice" of coffee during lent. I put "sacrfice" in quotes because it doesn't even come close to what Christ did for me. If you have a better word that fits there, feel free to comment
2. An IKEA adventure and coming home to "play house" as Alexis calls it
3. Office olympics to break up an other wise quiet week
4. Hearing how excited my roomie is about the blessing of her new job!
5. Catching up with Aleigh via phone. Too long in between our lovely chats!


Blessings in the Waiting: 53

1. Seeing an INCREDIBLE rainbow from end to end on my way home from work
2. Communal cooking with the roomies
3. Blake's endless service to me through multiple "honey-dos"
4. Fresh Salmon
5. Feeling like the house is starting to become our home


Blessings in the Waiting: 56-54

1. Sweet friends that will roll up their sleeves and get to work with you
2. Trying Modern Steak for the first time...incredible! and such cool atmosphere - I want to decorate my patio like that
3. Getting away from the packing mess and escaping to a hotel for a few hours of rest
4. Red Velvet Cake
5. Having everything I own in a bag or a box!

6. AMAZING friends who will get wet in the pouring rain and diligently move all your stuff with you. WOW i'm blessed.
7. Having enough space for everything to fit in the new house!
8. A carb loaded dinner to give us some energy for all the calories we burned
9. Mrs. Huff's amazing work ethic and service to us!
10. Sllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeep

11. The relaxing sound of the fountain outside
12. Putting away wedding gifts in the new house! This is for real they have a home!
13. Combining Blake and I's stuff into one space. It's actually happening in a few weeks!
14. A pertinent message on marriage and roles at church - God is an amazing creator
15. A hardworking friend and roomate to scrub the apartment with me and then bake us some yummy cookies :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 57

1. Working at home and having a really productive day with Blake by my side
2. Using up what's left in the fridge and pantry to come up with some creative meals
3. Having our sweet friend Jen visit for the weekend and help us pack and move into the new place!
4. Pita Jungle...oh how I have missed you
5. Staying up late chatting with the girls and watching figure skating :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 58

1. Celebrating Blake's 27th Birthday over some delish Mexican food and cake with friends. I love you! Happy Birthday!
2. Chocolate frosting on a 2 layer cake
3. Exploring new places in Old Town/PHX - our new goal :)
4. Starting to pull spring clothes out of the closet and mix them in w/ some winter things
5. More exciting Olympic golds for Team USA!


Blessings in the Waiting: 60-59

1. Two months!!!!!!!!!!
2. Visiting with Mindy and Nathan after getting into ATX
3. A beautiful Austin day on campus at UT
4. Eating at O's my old favorite in the B school in college
5. Getting to interview excited students looking for a great start to their career

6. Coming home to sweet friends who want to carry your suitcase up the stairs for you
7. Making B a birthday cake yummmmmm
8. Watching B open his presents a little early!
9. News of Lex having an interview!
10. On time flights :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 63-61

1. Coming home to the incredible gift that Alexis and Blake gave me of stamping all the invites for me! Wow! I'm in awe of their generosity and how they were so kind to take their afternoon and serve me! Ahhhh!
2. TGIF....simple as that
3. A yummy mexican dinner with steak fajitas!
4. Opening ceremonies! I love how the Olympics brings the world together!
5. Hearing LB's voice and what's going on in her life!

6. Celebrating Jordan's upcoming wedding with a bridal brunch
7. Perfect poolside weather
8. Hanging with Hannah and Scott for an afternoon of moving. WAY. cool. couple. I love our friend's willingness to serve one another. So thankful!
9. Picking out my veil (s) and seeing the "look" come together for the big day.
10. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table.

11. A timely sermon. God is good with his perfect timing.
12. Open hearts & forgiveness
13. A girly lunch with M & S. I heart those women!
14. The amazing creativity in Mary Poppins! wow! What a sweet treat from B!
15. Celebrating Valentines Day w/ my forever valentine.


Blessings in the Waiting: 64

1. The beauty of the body of Christ coming around one another
2. Getting a hair cut (trim) and that lovely "salon smell"
3. Crusing around SA in a rental car upgrade = Mustang. Now I get it why my dad wanted one of these so bad!
4. Being OK w/ just letting go and having a good old fashioned cry
5. A compassionate man who stands by me in all my mess


Blessing in the Waiting: 65

1. Being surrounded by people I enjoy working with day after day - having friends at work is such a blessing since so much of my week's time is spent there
2. Gift much fun for me!
3. Being in the Word with the Wednesday ladies - God's working on my heart on a number of things and He's speaking loud.
4. Believing God to provide answers and clarity when I simply don't understand
5. Chilly evenings with a heavy comforter on my bed


Blessings in the Waiting: 66

1. A huge Pottery Barn box waiting to be opened :)
2. A run/errand accomplishing mission
3. Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
4. Talking upstairs with B for hours and not knowing where the time went
5. Comfort in God's control in a sticky situation


Blessings in the Waiting: 67

1. Watching the sunrise at the airport with latte in hand
2. Progress
3. A fun send off dinner for our boss with the team
4. Some alone time in my hotel to have a very productive afternoon
5. Cassie's reaction to our gifts!


Blessings in the Waiting: 70-68

1. A really encouraging lunch date with Kathy - I love her wisdom and insight that she pours into my life. She's so real and honest. I desire to be more like that.
2. Spending time with the Kerseys over some Oregano's Pizza - I'm SO GREATFUL for our friendship with you both!
3. Having each other's back and being on the same team :)
4. The sound of rain on the window in the desert
5. A great long-distance call from my sister and cousin! Only a few more weeks until I see them in Austin!

6. Pear-almond scones hand crafted by my baker in residence (aka Alexis)
7. Sweet friends (THANK YOU!) who came to join us to work on our invites for the morning
8. Afternoon power naps
9. Creating new recipes by throwing some things in the food processor that I needed to get rid of!
10. Building clouds over the mountains and how they change color with the weather and time of day

11. Leftovers turned into a yummy lunch!
12. Visiting with Blake's friend Anna and getting a chance to get to know her better
13. Fake bling to be a place holder while mine is at the jeweler :)
14. A fun Superbowl party at the Thompsons and enjoying the OTBC community! I love the feeling of being "at home" there!
15. Being super organized for my early AM trip!


Blessings in the Waiting: 71

1. Sitting next to another believer on the plane and hearing his story of heart break yet God in the middle of it and hearing his Godly advice on marriage
2. Julie and Julia on DVD - compliments of BP! I really love this story of 2 marriages and 2 women that had a passion for food!
3. A summery feeling dinner to break out of the norm of winter cooking
4. Getting approval for our rental house!!!!!!!!!!!
5. A weekend without much on the schedule! :)


Blessings in the Waiting: 72

1. Landing safely in a crazy storm last night
2. A catch up with a co-worker over a latte this morning
3. Gaining clarity on expectations
4. Queso
5. Having time on the plane to work on some detailed wedding stuff....


Blessings in the Waiting: 73

1. Hearing that our invites will [finally] be printed by friday!
2. Leftovers
3. A evening bike ride to get the blood pumping
4. Coming to Jesus - letting go of control and letting him in to work - dispite how painful and scary
5. I'm simply thankful for the gift of prayer


Blessings in the Waiting: 74

1. Tide Pens
2. J Crew vests on a certain man o mine :)
3. Falling asleep on the couch in his arms when I was beyond tired
4. An awesome lunchtime spirtual conversation with a co-worker and friend
5. goooooood sleeeeeeep


Blessings in the Waiting: 77-75

1. God providing a time for much needed rest when we had other plans for our night
2. Wrapping gifts and finding joy in making them look pretty!
3. Friday came....TGIF!
4. Hearing how well Mac is doing and her heart and excitement over her new girls study! What an encouragement and blessing!
5. My parent's incredible attention to detail and seeing their hard work all come together via email! WOW

6. A Saturday morning latte to get my eyes open for a morning of house hunting!
7. Being so loved and celebrated by dear friends and family - a special thank you to the Kerseys, Taylors and Simmons. You are AMAZING!
8. Getting something checked off before it even made it on the list
9. Celebrating Steve's birthday with friends and great italian food!
10. Watching new relationships happen. So. fun.

11. A convicting message that motivates me to action and shows me my endless need for Jesus
12. Sweet worship music and time with the Lord
13. Having a HUGE team of friends work together to move Brit and seeing her new (awesome) space
14. Being motivated to start packing and clean a few bags of things out!
15. Celebrating my organization with Lex and Blake over a glass of vino and some delish chicken prepared by Michael!
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