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Blessings in the Waiting: 77-75

1. God providing a time for much needed rest when we had other plans for our night
2. Wrapping gifts and finding joy in making them look pretty!
3. Friday came....TGIF!
4. Hearing how well Mac is doing and her heart and excitement over her new girls study! What an encouragement and blessing!
5. My parent's incredible attention to detail and seeing their hard work all come together via email! WOW

6. A Saturday morning latte to get my eyes open for a morning of house hunting!
7. Being so loved and celebrated by dear friends and family - a special thank you to the Kerseys, Taylors and Simmons. You are AMAZING!
8. Getting something checked off before it even made it on the list
9. Celebrating Steve's birthday with friends and great italian food!
10. Watching new relationships happen. So. fun.

11. A convicting message that motivates me to action and shows me my endless need for Jesus
12. Sweet worship music and time with the Lord
13. Having a HUGE team of friends work together to move Brit and seeing her new (awesome) space
14. Being motivated to start packing and clean a few bags of things out!
15. Celebrating my organization with Lex and Blake over a glass of vino and some delish chicken prepared by Michael!


Shey said...

#7: You are worth it!
#10: So great.
#13: We are blessed.

I love spending time with you.

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