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Blessings in the Waiting: 70-68

1. A really encouraging lunch date with Kathy - I love her wisdom and insight that she pours into my life. She's so real and honest. I desire to be more like that.
2. Spending time with the Kerseys over some Oregano's Pizza - I'm SO GREATFUL for our friendship with you both!
3. Having each other's back and being on the same team :)
4. The sound of rain on the window in the desert
5. A great long-distance call from my sister and cousin! Only a few more weeks until I see them in Austin!

6. Pear-almond scones hand crafted by my baker in residence (aka Alexis)
7. Sweet friends (THANK YOU!) who came to join us to work on our invites for the morning
8. Afternoon power naps
9. Creating new recipes by throwing some things in the food processor that I needed to get rid of!
10. Building clouds over the mountains and how they change color with the weather and time of day

11. Leftovers turned into a yummy lunch!
12. Visiting with Blake's friend Anna and getting a chance to get to know her better
13. Fake bling to be a place holder while mine is at the jeweler :)
14. A fun Superbowl party at the Thompsons and enjoying the OTBC community! I love the feeling of being "at home" there!
15. Being super organized for my early AM trip!


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