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We've Moved!

That's right, we're in! After a very rainy weekend of sweet and amazing friends, that will get drenched to move your stuff and caring more about covering your dark wood sleigh bed then their heads, we are finally in the new house! By "we" I mean Alexis and me and most of Blake's stuff. Blake has somewhat moved his life over to the new house and is working there in his new (very red) office during the day (sure beats his bedroom at his place!) but heads home at night for some shut eye. I can't believe this is going to be our Newlywed Home. It's so so so so so exciting and it's all starting to feel really REAL.

It's also really starting to feel like home. There is something different about being in a house instead of an apartment that feels more like a home then just a space with walls where you live. I promise I will have pictures soon, but you will have to wait until I feel a little more settled and most importantly decorated! If you know me well, you know that I got that gene from my mom where white space is nearly irritating and unsettling. Since Saturday i've been arranging and rearranging every decorative thing in the house (maybe multiple times)! It's a lot more space than I have ever had before so I'm getting creative with how to fill it without spending tons of dough (Blake is being very patient w/ me on this front). There is also a large surplus of bookshelves ALL over the house. If you need a place to store your library, let us know! I'm having to get pretty darn creative with color and decoration because as of now we are not supposed to paint anything and there are some VERY interesting colors on the walls. Let's just say the owners really love Terracotta and crazy AZ tile.

I heart the kitchen so so so much. It's so spacious and just lovely to cook in. Plan on a Easter celebration at our house if any of you happen to be in town.

More to come on the house....stay tooned!


alexis Huff said...

I love living here with you (and Blake during the day!!!) I am thrilled to be able to spend this sweet time with you and Blake before the big day!

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