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the romper....would you or wouldn't you?

The romper seems to be this season’s hot new style. I’m not sure I buy into it quite yet. In a sea of frilly ruffles, high waisted skirts and feminine dresses I can’t seem to part with my dinero and buy something that feels super trendy when there are so many other adorable things I have my eyes on (hello Anthro and J Crew’s summer collections). Loren sported a very cute one this weekend from Urban when we were out at night with some fab coral heels and fun accessories.

Not sure I can pull it off.

We spotted quite a few delightful rompers in the city as well this weekend. I’m getting more and more tempted. I think I’d be down for a more casual look with fun sandals or flats instead of the evening look with heels. At least it would be a cool solution for the intense AZ Summers. Here are a few other fun finds that I came across. Let’s see what goes on sale. I’m never one to drop a lot of cash on a trend that I doubt will be around the next season.

To romp or not to romp? That is the question. What do you think? Yes or No for the romper this season?


Loren Fowler said...

ROMP! I love my romper! And it was only $48 from urban. There are a bazillion choices at urban right now that are reasonably priced. The only thing I found after trying a bunch on is that every single one fits differently. There were some I needed like a zero/xs and some I needed a large, so you just have to find the one that fits you right. Target even has a few cute ones right now too that I just tried on for super cheap. I would definitely say get one that's versatile. Mine I feel like I can dress up at night, or throw on to walk around with cute flats or wear as a bathing suit cover up - that's the only reason I bought it. Even if it goes out of style, I can still at least be stylish at the pool I guess!

ashley said...

katelin- YOU, most definitely, can pull off a romper. :)


Katelin said...

Thanks Ash! Where has your blog gone?

Lindsay and Scott said...

KP...I totally think you can pull off the romp, but I'm not into it for the long haul. There are so many classy styles out there right now that are a better use of your precious dinero. I think a cheaper Target version would a good option though! :)

Alisha said...

ROMP ROMP ROMP! I like them! I think they're super cute and they are pretty comfy! I didn't know how I felt at first, but they are definitely growing on me as long as the shorts aren't itty bitty. I agree though - get a cute Target one to see how you feel!

Julia said...

You could totally pull off the purple romper!

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