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Wedding Rewind: The Week Before

Since I took a little break from blogging during the month before and after my wedding, I wanted to take a little time and put all my thoughts on paper so I can remember every detail I possibly can to archive it all. I'm not much of a journaler these days....I think my blog is turning into my journal for the most part. I'm more of a verbal processor - so this can be my keepsake mostly for me - but also for anyone else who might be out there reading our story....

The week before the wedding B & I headed to Houston to be with our families and prepare and prep for the upcoming festivities. We actually flew home on my dad's birthday. I rarely get to spend birthdays with my family since I live so far away, but it was really special to actually be able to celebrate him in person. When we got into Hobby, Paul and Whit picked us up and we all decided to grab some lunch together and catch up. We ate some sliders and sat outside on a very cloudy and windy day. I don't' think it really hit me that I can come to Texas this time as a single girl and I would be leaving as a married woman. It had finally arrived, we had finally arrived - but it didn't seem like it was here at all. All I really could think about was the to do list in the back of my mind and the looming dooming weather forecast that I incessantly kept checking on my iphone. Anxiety.

Our dads ended up joining us for lunch after they had spent the morning racing their mustangs together. It's amazing what great friend they have become and how many similar interests and passions they have. Some people say that this is one of the biggest challenges in getting married, but for us we have been blessed to have an extremely easy merger of our two families. They have become close friends during our dating years and it's been so fun to watch. Thankful.

The next few days were spent in Kingwood. My mom and I wrapped up some last minute projects. We honestly didn't have a ton to do because of my parents incredible efforts to organize, reorganize and inventory every single piece of decor we had DIY'd together and separately. We got plucked, pedicured, waxed (torture) and spray tanned - all of those girly things a bride and her mom must do to get ready for the big day. It almost felt like we were getting ready for homecoming or a dance competition like we used to in high school. We shopped for finishing touches for our rehearsal dinner outfits and just spent some much needed girly time together. It was so nice to spend some one on one mother daughter time. I had missed my best friend - the world feels right with her by my side. That's what moms do for us. Grateful.

Unfortunately, the wedding stress seemed inevitable for all of us. We had been working so so hard on this "event" for the last 11 months and we wanted all of our hard work to come to fruition. To be honest, I think the dreadful forecast was the biggest stressor. My dad was our rock and our glue during those days. We came close to high stress-near breakdowns but he was able to put things in perspective for his two emotional ladies, calm us down and help us tackle what was left to be done. He's so constant in his emotions and so amazingly rationale and logical. I'm thankful for that in him. So many of those characteristics I can find in B too...I guess people say you marry someone like your dad. :) I ran to let my stress out. Boy did I run. I'm not usually much of a stamina runner, but it was the perfect way for me to clear my head and focus on what was truly important - Jesus and the fact that He lead me to this week where I was going to get to marry Blake. That's all that really mattered. Exhale.

Mid week B & I got to have one last date night together as an engaged couple. Our friends Jordan and Chris did this and we thought it would be a great idea to do the same. It was so great to step away - not talk about wedding details and have some quiet time together. Over a glass of wine and some fish on the lake we sat across the table, grinning from ear to ear about what was about to happen in a matter of days. Giddy.

My Uncle Don had called us and asked if we wanted to come up a day early to Austin. He thought it would be a good idea for us to have a little extra time to get all the things we had planned to do done before our guest started to arrive at the hotel. Mindy & Nathan were kind enough to open their home for us once more. We toyed with the idea and then decided to take him up on his advice. Wednesday night we packed up the car with all of the bins, boxes, bags and wagons full of decor and gifts and made the trek to the ATX. It's starting.

The drive was incredibly beautiful. I was in Austin 5 weeks prior for my bachelorette weekend and everything still looked dead and suppressed by winter. This was so different, what a contrast. My mom best described it as if, "God had taken a paint brush and placed splashes of vibrant color on a sea of green." The wildflowers were eye popping beautiful. Even if we did have a gray & rainy wedding day - we were going to have a colorful one as we were getting married at the Wildflower Center. We worshiped Him and His creation during our 3 hour drive. I know he knew we needed to see His beauty. He's so good to us. Awestruck.

We were greeted by excited cousins, aunts, uncles and God children. It gave me so much peace to be with my family as soon as we arrived. I jumped on the trampoline with my second-cousins and held my God-daughter. Not the most "bridal" thing to do - but having to redo my nail polish for wedding day was well worth the giggles and laughter and time with those sweet kiddos. We got calls from more family that had gotten into town. Excitement was building. It still didn't feel like they were all here for me and B. I felt like someone else was getting married or graduating and everyone happened to be in town for the event. Could this really be for us? Surreal.

Avery let me sleep in her bedroom so I could get a good night's sleep. Everyone knows that it is the princess room according to miss Avery. I guess being the bride gives you special treatment. Again, it just didn't feel like all this excitement, planning, travel, and fuss was supposed to be over me. Humbled.

I was up the next morning early - restless with so much running through my mind. I broke open my computer, cleared out a few work emails, checked the forecast (still not looking too promising) once again and then starting writing B the card that I had planned to give him on our wedding day before I walked down the aisle. Tears were flowing. I just couldn't wait any longer to be his wife and they day was almost here! I was so so so ready to have all of the wedding to do lists and tasks behind me and just be his wife. That's what I really wanted from day one of our engagement. It's amazing how much we had to get through and get done in order to get to this day. It does seem silly in hindsight. I calmed my stomach with some out of this world breakfast tacos (Austin's specialty) and then my mom and I jumped in the car to go drop off my dress to be pressed and then check into the hotel. On the way out the door the kids joyfully and proudly handed me some pictures they drew for me. Carter had drawn B & I at the alter on our wedding day and Caroline & Avery gave me some beautiful shapes and scribbles on pink and purple paper. Too sweet. I'm ready get this show on the road. Here we go.

We got to our room and checked out the suite and waited for the dads to arrive with the bar supplies and snacks for our guests. Mac arrived in ATX after her drive from Houston this morning. I was greeted with a huge hug and a well stocked survival kit - what a fabulous maid of honor. It was so good to finally get to see her. We grabbed a tea and a latte and she and I walked to a nearby nail salon to fix up the mess I made the night before and get some sister time before the chaos started. The lovely ladies of my bridal party were on their way from their various cities. The texts were flying in. I was so excited to get to see them all and have so many people that I care about in one space. I was truly trying to savor every moment. It still didn't feel real - entirely. The butterflies were starting but my head and my stomach hadn't yet connected and to let me in on the fact that this was actually happening. The last of my quiet moments were wrapping up... deep breaths.

To be continued.


Loren Fowler said...

I was so enthralled in reading this I didn't want it to end! Write more on these days!

Lindsay and Scott said...

I'm so glad you are keeping these memories and sharing them with us!

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