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Blessings in the Waiting: 63-61

1. Coming home to the incredible gift that Alexis and Blake gave me of stamping all the invites for me! Wow! I'm in awe of their generosity and how they were so kind to take their afternoon and serve me! Ahhhh!
2. TGIF....simple as that
3. A yummy mexican dinner with steak fajitas!
4. Opening ceremonies! I love how the Olympics brings the world together!
5. Hearing LB's voice and what's going on in her life!

6. Celebrating Jordan's upcoming wedding with a bridal brunch
7. Perfect poolside weather
8. Hanging with Hannah and Scott for an afternoon of moving. WAY. cool. couple. I love our friend's willingness to serve one another. So thankful!
9. Picking out my veil (s) and seeing the "look" come together for the big day.
10. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table.

11. A timely sermon. God is good with his perfect timing.
12. Open hearts & forgiveness
13. A girly lunch with M & S. I heart those women!
14. The amazing creativity in Mary Poppins! wow! What a sweet treat from B!
15. Celebrating Valentines Day w/ my forever valentine.


Kristina said...

I saw Marry Poppins too!! I went to the matinee though :)

Shey said...

I am thankful for you.

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