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11 Goals for 2011

1.  Learn to sew a garment (maybe a skirt or a simple dress)
2.  Take a photography class and/or improve my skills and understand our camera
9. Bake 10 loaves of bread and a cheesecake from scratch
3.  Join a gym or get a yoga membership and commit to going 3X per week to work off that bread and cheesecake
4.  Partner with B in increasingly reading and meditating on scripture and pushing each other in theologically heavy books
5.  Take 2 trips with my husband
6.  Be intentional with family relationships near and far
7.  Foster community and inclusion at Church and in our community
8.  Share the Gospel more and more
10. Celebrate a special occasion by cooking beef bourgionon out of Julia Child's cookbook
11. Push myself to think out of the box more in my job and find creativity and challenge in my work regardless of the project

It's a tall list....but I'm energized about it.  Keep me accountable!


Kristina said...

You are spoiling us Katelin!!! You've posted SO much lately and I am LOVING it :)

I think that should count as something on your list....or be a free space....or something like that :)

Team Roy said...

It is a GREAT list!

Katelin said...

Thanks ladies! I'm already a bit overwhelmed by my list but at least I have 365 to get to it! Thanks for reading!

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