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Golden Globes Fashion Round Up

I wish I had a reason to wear a gorgeous gown.  More than that I wish I had a stylist come to my home, begging me to wear a certain style or designer, totally Rachel Zoe style.  That would be totally bananas...

Loved the looks at this year's Golden Globes.  I'm not always much of an award show watcher, but always love seeing the style recaps the next week.  There were some risks taken for sure.  Some worked, some were a disasterous fail.  I'm gonna stick with the postive rather than dog on the not so lovelies. Here are my favs....

Loving the neutral color pallets on these beauties.  I think Anne took a big risk with the long sleeves and found her classy self a winner.  Sandra's bangs have me back with bang envy.  Haircut last Friday for me....I got inspired :)

Emerald was the color of the night.  I'm always a fan of jewel tones done right.  Each look is so different but loving each of them.  Only Mrs. Brad Pitt could pull that one off though.  If it was on anyone else it might just end up on my least favs list.  She scares me.  She looks evil and hot all at the same time. 

More fabulous neutrals.  Loving the Tadashi on the left.  My mom and B's mom both wore Tadashi for our wedding so I'm a little partial.  Helen Mirren looks so elegant and so perfectly age appropriate.  Heidi's look is certainly a risk and she got some heat for it - but I think she pulled it off.  Maybe a little loud for January/Winter but this is one I'd love to have in my closet for a tropical vacation.  I heart this orange get-up.  A bit adventurous in color, but beautiful lines.  I fall for anything with ruffles or pleats. 

 Who were your top picks?


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