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Alexis visits the ATX

You know the feeling of just being able to pick up where you left off with a friend?  That's exactly what happened when Alexis came to town this weekend.  I loved having her here.  It felt like we never missed a beat (or 5 months apart) and just jumped right back in where we were when we left Arizona.  I loved getting to catch up, hear her heart and understand more details of what is going on in her life, talk about Jesus, show her our new (and rainy) city and just BE together.

On Friday, Alexis arrived and I had some work to finish up before the weekend could officially begin.  She baked some cookies (nothing makes B happier!) and then we headed out to a coffee shop so I could wrap up my to do list and Lex could get a little reading/quiet time in.  That night we went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant we had heard great things about.   The restaurant wasn't all we had hoped it would be, but with a little bit of greasy Mexican food in our tummies, we headed to 6th street.  We were on 6th early so she didn't have a chance to experience the craziness that it normally has to offer later in the night.  We saw a concert of a band that I had seen a few times when I was in college, Alpha Rev.  They were fantastic and it was a great show.  I would love to see them again.  Loving that Lex got to experience the Live Music Capital of the World in all it's glory.  :) 

Saturday morning we woke up to rainy skies so we enjoyed our coffee on the couch where we chatted and had some great girl time.  We decided to head out of the house and hit up Austin Java for a egg in the hole and Lex had another cup of coffee (because she hadn't had enough yet).  There is no way that she could leave without touring the Whole Whole Foods HQ.  After she saw the amazing foodie mecca, Lex said she was ready to move to Austin.

Since our plans of hiking or walking Town Lake were not going to happen due to rain, we headed to Alamo Draft House to see The Kings Speech.  Definitely an Austiny place - we had some lunch and watched a flick to stay out of the rain.  Loved the movie and highly recommend it!  Afterwards, we made a fantastic dinner after a trip to Central Market (because Alexis needed to see more TX grocery stores I always talk about) complete with serveral kinds of bruchetta, a fresh salad and a lovely glass of Malbec.  To wrap up our evening we headed to my cousin's surprise birthday party and then decided to call it a night.

This makes me miss Postino (and cooking w/ Alexis)
Sunday turned out to be a delightful surprise.  We had called Stubbs the night before to make a reservation for their Gospel Brunch, but the voicemail said that they were full.  The next AM Blake put on his charm and we ended up with reservations for 11.  It was fantastic!  The food was so heavy, but so delicious.  Fried catfish, garlic cheese grits, BBQ brisket and sausage, migas and more.  The make-your-own Bloody Mary bar didn't hurt either.  We were seriously full until we went to bed.  Not only was the food wonderful, but the Gospel band was just as amazing.  I will be taking future visitors here - so let us know when you're coming!

Enough Soul Food to feed an army!
Because we didn't want to just sit inside for the rest of day, we headed out to driftwood for some wine tasting at Duchman Winery (previously Mandola's).  We had fun people watching and trying some of their wines.  A really great spot for only about 30 mins away.  We were wiped out and really needed a nap after sipping wine mid day.  A quick power nap rejuvenated us and we then went to Cafe Medici followed by church.  I was so happy to be worshiping next to my dear friend, Alexis.  It was fun to have her see the awesome community we have been so blessed by since we moved to TX.  Don't worry, Alexis gave us a "church hug" after the service.  Felt like we were back in AZ at OTBC. 

We came home and made a "detox" salad to eat something healthy after all of the caffine, wine and fatty foods we had put in our bodies.  We popped in a movie and all snuggled up on the couch, just like old times of being "roomies."
Detox Salad :)
What a great weekend.  I'm so thankful for this visit and time to catch up together.  Can't wait to plan another time when we get to see each other again.  :)  Love you Lex!


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I'm ready for Gospel Brunch again this weekend. ;)

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