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Ringing in the New Year Austin Style

This year's new years was so special because we got to enjoy it with two of my best friends from college and their husband/husband-to-be!  These wonderful ladies were two of the first I met when I came to UT.  Clearly by God's design, he allowed Aleigh and Catherine to become potluck roommates and I ended up right next door!  We loved exploring Austin together, trying new restaurants, shopping and loving life as Longhorns during our time in college.  We have all been living in different cities and states since we graduated and outside of weddings have had little opportunity to be together (all 3 of us). 

 It was so fun to all get ready and sip on wine (beer for A) and champagne in my bathroom upstairs while the boys had a beer and hung out on the couch.  It felt like old times in the dorms or red door house!  We had a few appetizers and took a few pictures and then hopped in cabs and headed downtown.  The boys in 1 cab and the girls in the other.  We were a little early for our reservation at Cru so we went over to check out the new W Hotel and snagged a few free drink coupons for January.  Unfortunately Cru was not all we had hoped it would be.  It took over 45 minutes to get our table and then the food service was painfully slow.  Thankfully, they had comped our entire meal by the time we had finished waiting for 3 hours for 3 courses.  We were starving! 

The rest of the evening was a blast spent at Cedar Street listening to Radio Star, a great 80's -decked-out-in-track-suits- cover band.  We danced hard, and toasted with our champagne and kissed our beaus at midnight. 

Getting back home was quiet the ordeal.  We tried our best to flag down cabs for over 30 minutes in the cold, windy weather.  Finally, B, Carlos and I decided we would attempt to try to walk home.  We don't live that far - but at 1am in chilly weather, it certainly seemed like walking would take forever.  We tried to flag down each cab that went flying by us with no avail.  Luckily about 1/4 of the way there - someone finally stopped and got us home.  After some Taco C in our bellies, we headed to bed.  2010 was in the bag, 2011 here we come.  Quiet the memorable evening, in more ways than one!  So special to share it with A & C.  Can't wait to do it again in just a month for C's Bachelorette Party!

Happy New Year to all!


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sounds like fun!!

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