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Shower for Liz and Baby Elston

Beautiful invites by Kristen
This weekend I had the chance to throw a shower for my sweet friend and mom-to-be Liz.  I co-hosted with several of my high school girl friends.  It was by far the best high school reunion we've ever had!  I loved having the chance to catch up with these ladies and hear about life as of lately.  We had the shower at Katie's beautiful new home.  It all came together so nicely with beautiful decorations and drinks, tasty food, and fun games.  It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Liz and the arrival of Baby Elston!

Awesome diaper cake from Kristen and incredible sweets by Katie!  We had too much food but it was tasty! 

A fun DIY paper flower project that I came up with from blog browsing.

Dear friends!  Nicki was such a fun surprise all the way from Hawaii!  Isn't Liz the cutest prego you've ever seen?

LB playing the toilet paper game.  :)

We love you Liz and can't wait to meet Baby Elston!


Lindsay and Scott said...

I hosted a baby shower this weekend too!! Looks like you guys did a great job! Nice work KP!

Kristina said...

Yay!!! I love those invitations! I know...between you and guys could be shower pros!

Liz Elston said...

It was one of the cutest showers I have ever been to!! You guys did such an amazing job-thanks so much, Katelin! The garland is already hung up in her room!

Katelin said...

it was so fun liz! Our pleasure! can't believe that next time I see you, you will be a MOM!

JPandKristen said...

Hey where was I when yall took that pic?! Probably nursing the little one. Oh well.. it was such a blast seeing all of you that day! What a great party. =)

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