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RIP Mini

Today Blake found out that his Mini was deemed officially totaled. Such a bummer for him. It's so hard to see that happen to him when I know it's something that he loves so much! The most important thing is that he was fine. The accident shook him up a bit, but he came out without a scratch. So blessed! Blake's trying so hard to make the best decision possible as it comes to a new car. Should he buy new, used, something super cheap or maybe something more stable but more expensive. So difficult! I really admire his desire to not put his worth into this materialistic "thing" and simply just get something to get him from A to Z and to view it as just that. I can't say that I would have handled it all the same way. I found myself getting emotional just watching him process and go through the motions in his head.

I guess that's another learning for me lately -- loving someone so much that their hurts are really your hurts and their joys are your joys. I've experienced that in the past with family - but knowing that Blake and I will be partners for life and share all of it's blessings and valleys together takes it to a new level for me.

It's so hard to understand why God allows certain events to happen. Just when Blake had felt like he was getting his feet back on the ground with a new job and a new fiance (me!) boom....a kiddo comes out of no where and accidentally smashes up the mini. I'm really not sure what God wants with this situation....only time will tell. Or maybe not. I think sometimes God allows things to happen and allows us to really not understand. It's the mystery of faith. Sometimes it feels like insanity, sometimes it feels like you've got all your ducks in a row. Trusting even in confusion can be so difficult - but so stretching and so good. I pray God would strengthen Blake - even in uncertainty, confusion or in his boldness to strive toward Jesus in the situation.

Flood in your peace, Lord.

Double date at LGO tonight! Ciao!


Kristina said...

Not the mini!!! Well, what's done is done I suppose, Blake will find something that still fits him while getting him from A to B. Sorry about the pain in the keester, but you are right, things will be the way they need to be, it just takes a little time.

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