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Today I went to Target after work in search of a few household items including paper towels, TP, new sponges and Press and Seal. While on the cleaning supplies aisle, I stumbled onto a great sale on a Swiffer Wet Jet! A complete starter kit for only $19. I've been thinking about getting one for a while. I really dislike mopping and love the idea of being able to throw away the yucky stuff you pick up off your floor. As some of you know that may have been in my kitchen before during a meal, I am not a clean and tidy cook. I love to make it good and make it fast which usually turns into quite a large mess to clean up.

It seems a little strange to me how excited I am about this new "appliance". Why is it that all of the sudden domestic gifts or things around the house seem fun and exciting? Maybe it's the wife- to-be instinct kicking in. Who knows. Watch out Blake, i'm going to be a cooking and cleaning machine. As long as I have his help to do the dishes (which he always does so diligently), handle the yard (if we have things), fix things that are broken and keep me organized, we are set! Wow that was a long list for Blake!

Needless to say that hilarious comerical, "Baby Come Back" has been runing through my mind all day. Not sure when my old mop will put a trail of rose petals and be waiting for me in the hot tub, but I'm not going to wait for it. I'm hooked on the Swiffer! It smells so good in here!

Oops! I'm late for dinner! Have a good Friday!


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