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Blessings in the Waiting: 228

Inspired by my sweet friend Jordan and her fabulous blog, I'm going to make note of the small, yet daily blessings that I encounter as I wait to be Mrs. Parrish. Jordan has "Grace in the Small Things" as her title of this section of her blog. I somehow imagine turning this blog into something for the two of us once we are married, but in the meantime, I will countdown to zero and count my Blessings in the Waiting....

1. Mid day doodeling
2. The transformational power of prayer
3. Pebble Ice
4. G chat from Puerto Rico and words that speak to my heart
5. A Mother's call of concern: no matter how old I get, I'm still her daugher and she gets me


krislyn. said...

Fantastic idea miss! I can not wait to hear your blessings in waiting .. =) Mother's always seem to know the right moment to call, or call because they know something is wrong.

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