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Amen Y'all

I really miss Texas. I was having one of those days last night where all I wanted to do was go home and hang around in my PJs at my parents house, help my mom make dinner and watch TV on the couch with my dad while he eats Popsicles and popcorn. Ohhh I miss those days and really took the opportunity to have my parents nearby for granted. I miss girl talk on my mom's bed, I miss my dad's willingness to fix anything and offer his help in any way possible, I even miss sharing a bathroom with my sister and catching up in our Jack and Jill mirrors.

Shey asked me over for dinner last night to go to her mom's house. Meredith (her mom) truly has the gift of hospitality. Every time I go over to her house for dinner or an event she has a perfectly themed spread with decorations and has thought of every detail. She has such a layed back home and makes everyone feel welcome and special. Last night Meredith cooked a Southern meal! It was perfect timing for my slight bout of homesickness. She made pulled BBQ pork, little corn cake/tortillas (from scratch), coleslaw, corn salad and even had fried pickles and homemade BBQ sauce! Such a treat!!!

The best part of the evening was when Meredith asked Shey to say a blessing - instead of going for it, Shey deferred to me - asking me to say it in my most Texan accent complete with Y'alls, Fixins and a thick drawl. I nearly started crying from laughing so hard during my prayer. I'm sure God got a good kick out of it. Good thing He has a sense of humor. God Bless Texas!


krislyn. said...

The picture in my mind of you saying the blessing over dinner with your accent, brings a huge smile to my face!

I am totally with you though, recently all I have wanted to do is show up at my mom's work .. us walk to get a coffee .. then enjoy an evening of lounging about at home! =) The holidays will be here before you know it!

Amanda said...

God Bless Texas!

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