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Good Pizza, Good Talk

Last night we went to LGO - one of my favorite spots in Arcadia - for some yummy pizza and wonderful company! We met our friends Dave and Brittani for dinner. We have been trying to set this double date up for the longest time. But between their international travels with FH to our crazy schedules of racing, HEB and wedding planning it's been quite difficult. Thanks to our sweet boys, we set something up for Monday night.

I was so blessed by our time together. They are really a special couple. Met through their jobs, work closely together and really are just awesome together. They are both so wise spiritually, care about others in a huge way and have an amazing view of God's plan for the world and are doing his work daily! We had an awesome conversation during the night while sipping on some delish White Sangria and watching Dave try fennel for the first time.

The boys are super similar in so many ways. We laughed a lot during the night at the girl's attention to remembering details of dates, etc. while the boys "just saw the big picture." I loved hearing about their adventure, the current challenges of their jobs and even all of the fun restaurants they have tried in the city (they seem to be on the same hunt we are!).

SO thankful for a fun evening. Can't wait to do it again soon!


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