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Our firstborn...

I've been dog sitting this week for a family from our church. I'm watching this awesome dog named Wrigley. He's a lab/golden mix, about 100 pounds and just a lover. I'm obsessed. He loves to play fetch and is so good about dropping the ball/rope for you so you don't have to pry it out of his mouth, he waits for you to tell him to eat before he starts and really listens well. I realize not all dogs are like this - but he's great. He's so well trained. I'm loving having him around.

Naturally when you get married you should get a dog, a house, then that order, right? Certainly seems like that's the expectation anyway. I thought that I would want to hold off for a while on all 3 but I feel like I'm changing my mind after this week. Woah now... don't go thinking that I want a baby! I'm talking about a dog here.

Blake and I have both agreed that we want to wait a little while before we add an addition to our new family (I love the sound of that word!), but it's just so tempting to want to go find a dog right now! Blake would like to adopt one from the pound or SPCA - I'm a little bit more picky about what I want. My family used to have a great Golden named Barkley. He had the best personality ever. I've got my eyes set on a Labradoodle, Goldendoodle or maybe a lab/golden mix like Wrigley even! For some crazy reason, I really just want a dog to match our golden type hair, haha. They say dogs tend to look like their owners, maybe this is why! We even already have a name picked out already: Fitz, short for Fitzgerald. Blake wanted to name one of our future children that name - I told him the closest he was going to get was naming our first dog that name.

The wedding is still less than 8 months away and I don't think we will be running out to find a puppy right away. In the mean time, I guess I will just keep dog sitting to get my kicks.


Kristina said...

Fitzgerald is way better than wanting to name your kid Steve Leroy......count your blesssings :)

Liz Elston said...

We adopted Kahlua from a no kill shelter and it was the best thing ever...I would totally recomend it! It was inexpensive and the best part is that the dog is living with a "foster family" so they can tell you exactly what their personality is like...if they are good with kids, other dogs, hyper...that kind of stuff. We also love that we didn't have to potty train her and she has never chewed on our stuff- since she has already passed that stage!! We couldn't love her more!!

Go look at, so fun.

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