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Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer

There appears to be an age old tradition of the bride and groom exchanging gifts on their wedding day. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this tradition yet. It feels like there is a ton of pressure behind it - I can just hear it now, "what did you get Blake?" and feeling like nothing would be good enough. There I go again, worrying about what what others think so much. To avoid this pressure and not conform to the traditional norms of wedding expectations, Blake and I have decided to get eachother one big gift - together.

We both have an interest in developing our photography skills. We have thought about taking a class or two. I feel like becoming a decent photographer at least requires decent to nice equipment. Therefore, we are going to buy ourselves a nice camera to take on all of our adventures of becoming a newly married couple!

What's even better about this is that my work generously gave me a large gift card to Best Buy from a contest my region won. This will really help us pay for our gift to ourselves- yay! I'm not sure if the kind of camera we want is found at Best Buy - but we will find out! Does anyone have any suggestions? We are thinking in the realm of an DSLR. Any thoughts or reccomendations are welcomed!


jordy said...

i have a nikon D60 DSLR and i LOVE it. :) very easy for beginners, but the pictures look professional!

Liz Elston said...

Great idea!

I have a Canon Rebel EOS DSLR and it has been great! They have it at best buy...;jsessionid=23F85C6D4984B5A84615AF51BDBD1CCD.bbolsp-app02-32?skuId=9318954&type=product&id=1218084392413

If you end up having enough money after the camera...I would definitely invest in a nice lens to go with it!

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