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Details for THE Day....

I'd like to think that we're making a ton of progress on the wedding now and are getting to the details of our big day. You probably are starting to realize what a perfectionist I am and how I want everything to come together, down to the last little detail! From artistic reply cards to a ring bearer pillow - I want it to all scream my vision! The problem is, I'm not exactly sure what my vision looks like in total. I have this Anthropolgie look in my head full of unique and interesting accents but not overly casual, "indie" or even too vintage set in our beautiful outdoor setting. Maybe the best vision is Anthropologie meets J Crew. I am a very very visual person so it's been challenging to not pull every image together in my mind and see how it all ties together.

Regardless of what we pick and choose, I'm so excited about the setting we are having it in. Both our ceremony and reception will be held at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. I fell in love with the site as soon as we saw it! It is really very "Austiny" feeling and also has just beautiful scenery on the property. Blake and I even wedding crashed on our own and peeked into a wedding being held there while we were making our decision. My parents waited for us as our get away car! I'm starting to pray for nice weather that day already. Feel free to join me in praying for this- one less thing to stress about on the day of!

I have loved hunting through Etsy or Blogs for fun ideas, concepts or even things to buy....Check out these fun ring bearer pillows. I wish I could sew so I could make one myself. (I plan to register for a sewing machine so I can learn!) Anyone out there want to make something similar for me for less?


Kristina said...

Oh Katelin! I can totally make one of these for you!!! I'm not a knitter but something like the 'guns and roses' or the gold brocade pillow....totally doable. I may even do it out of the kindness of my own heart...hahaha.
Let me know, I'm serious. ;)

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