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Sorority Lane.

Recently the 9200 block on Redfield Road has turned into the coolest place in Scottsdale to be. Not only have 3 wonderful friends moved into my complex and into my building, my sweet friend Alexis has decided to become my short-term roomie until the wedding! It's actually kind of amazing that 6 of my closest friends (Jen and Tracy live down the street) live all within walking distance to me! Talk about living in community! It actually feels quite a bit like living in the sorority house back in the good ole days of DG land. I love that we can all just pop over to eachother's condos and say hello, go for late night walks or grab dinner together at the spur of the moment. There is really no need to do anything alone if you don't want to!

Who's up for a pool party at the Allison?


Julia said...

so very jealous right now!

Amanda said...

yes please!

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