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True Sisterhood.

I love authenticity. I think it's really one of the most attractive things about people. I love when people can just be them. Be real about what is going on in their lives, without over dramatizing it, making it something it's not or even just telling me what I want to hear.

I had a great weekend filled with some awesome conversation and really intentional time with girlfriends. It was so great really connecting with my sweet friends and having time to hear the hurts, pains, concerns, joys, anxieties and excitement going on in their lives. Ohhh so much going on. I felt like my prayer list was extremely long last night in reflecting on all of our conversations this weekend. But even in those hurts and concerns it's so good to know that we can open up, be vulnerable with each other and see the mess in each other's lives yet really love and draw near to each other. So sweet.

I feel like this is going to be a big year for our girl friends. I told the girls this last night. We are going on our third year of close friendship (for most of us). We are over the getting-to-know-you stuff and getting into the deep and meaty material. There really isn't a "what's up?" or "what's new" anymore it's more like - "how are you really" or "I see something is digging at you, what's really going on." I feel like God is going to do something big. There is absolutely no coincidence why we are all living in such close proximity to one another. It could be really messy, it could be uncomfortable - but I feel some major life change coming on. I have no idea what it looks like - in all honesty it's kind of petrifying. In the same breath i'm so excited. I'm excited for continued walls to be broken down, for each of us to let each other into the junk of our lives. To bring things to light and GROW. Growing pains can really hurt....oh but they bring such incredible outcomes and results.

I'm shaking a little just thinking about all of this....but I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. Get ready....


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