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The best part of waking up....

I usually have my morning routine of making some coffee while I get ready in the morning. I take a mug to work or just sip on it a little as I get ready. My treat comes on Friday where I treat myself to coffee at a local joint called Jolta Java. My favorite thing about this place is that they know my name and say, “Hi Katelin!” the minute I walk in. They know my order by heart and have it out to me fast. It’s such a treat. Talk about customer service, it’s what keeps me coming back again and again. I honestly feel special - it makes the experience seem personal and just so much more enjoyable then standing in a mile long line at Starbucks where the traffic is so nuts that you would have to go daily to be remembered. Plus, they cold brew their iced coffee! So much better than making it hot and then letting it cool down – it really removes that bitter taste that coffee can get when it changes temps. I’m a big “local” coffee shop kind of girl. There is something just quirky, unique and fun about non-chain establishments. I highly recommend this place for all you Phoenicians.

I usually just do it on Friday, but I’ve been treating myself to my Friday indulgence quite a bit more lately. I’ve just been so tired and it’s the best thing to jumpstart my day (well, probably not the best thing…). I’m not sure why I’ve been so pooped, but I’ve really needed a quick jolt from my java in the AM! I’m getting plenty of sleep and going to bed at a good time….maybe it’s the heat….tends to make me lethargic.

I’ve also really been trying to spend time in the Word in the morning while my computer warms up and really reflect. It’s my whole challenge for introspection coming to life. I’m going through the One Year Bible again. I did it once before in college, but it’s really a great way to stay on track to stay in the Word and have something to digest each day in truth. I’m going to really push to stick with it. Blake is in on it too- so that really helps out. Even yesterday was so timely – It talked about the challenges of marriage, after our session on Tuesday it felt really well-timed and pertinent. God is so good like that.

Tomorrow is Friday….you know what that means! Coffee treat!


susana said...

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Liz Elston said...

We are doing the bible in chronological (the order it actually happened in history) it has been really interesting! We are about 3/4 of the way through the OT and so ready for Jesus to come into the story! hah

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