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Welcome home, Blake!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I always thought this was a silly phrase - in our relationship the more time we spent together the closer and closer I felt to Blake. I finally understand that phrase after this week.

Blake spent several days on the East Coast this past week. He left on Wednesday morning and just returned yesterday night. It was crazy how much I missed him! That almost sounds strange to me since we spent so much time during our relationship doing the long distance thing. I guess we've become really spoiled lately. We are so blessed to live just 15 or so minutes a part, spend most nights cooking dinner together and enjoying each other's company on the weekends.

It was so great being back together yesterday. I went and had lunch with Blake during my lunch hour. It was so refreshing to just talk in person and connect. I feel like we have a really hard time running out of things to say when we are in person. We had so much to catch up on! I came home and we made a yummy dinner at my apartment- baked citrus salmon, sauteed veggies and sweet potato and then went for a walk and a night swim to cool down from the heat. I'm simply so thankful for him. He truly is my best friend. I'm so glad he is back home....The bad news is that I left this AM for a business trip. Life of a working girl at it's best!


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