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In my efforts to continue to be more real with others, show some vulnerability and even expose my mess and weakness I let it out more times than not this week. I let it out in a teary mess at Bible study, felt like it came out in word vomit during counseling this week and found myself really telling people about the feeling of mess in my life when they asked, “how are you?”
A woman at my church is one of those people who is clearly living out what she believes in her faith. She is such a provider of encouragement and is a woman who tells you she has and will be diligently praying for you – you believe every word and I absolutely know that she is. I think sometimes we have a tendency to say I’ll pray and then forget and get lost in time and just don’t remember unless the issue or friend is on the top of our minds. This woman prays. This woman is wise. This woman knows the word and this woman speaks truth.

In my messiness, she shared something with me on Sunday that really gave me a ton of peace and clarity as I have been wrestling with being spread too thin, prioritizing my life and being intentional about what I do with all that is on my plate. I am usually very consumed by it – as I have a high stress personality by nature- but these words of wisdom gave m y soul some much needed rest. She told me…

“Jesus had the same number of hours in his day that we do today. He didn’t magically create more daylight, he was fully human, while he was also fully God. He was so in touch with the spirit and listening to the father’s will that he simply did what He asked day after day. He was sensitive to his callings, clearly seeking after the things in the Father’s will. He didn’t visit every city, he passed people in the streets without connecting with every person. He was wise in whom he spent the majority of his time with – 12 individuals that he equipped, guided, taught and shared intimate details with. Our Jesus had the exact time constraints that we feel each and every day.”

Oh how I love how Jesus knows exactly how I feel each day. I love that he has felt the pressures of this world and understands – he’s been there, done that. I love how He is the perfect example of seeking God’s will one day at a time, day after day with only 24 hours to do just what He asks. Let peace flood in.


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