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Blessings in the Waiting: 201-203

1. Dressing up and hearing from B that I look pretty in his eyes :)
2. Trying a new restaurant that's been on my list for a long time
3. Endless loose-track-of-time type conversation across from the one I love
4. Cuddling and falling asleep in his arms on the couch
5. The begining feeling of being a pair....forever

6. Starting our registry - the scanner was so much fun!
7. Blake's patience and good-itude during the whole process
8. An out-of-office hang out time with some co-workers and her pretty new house!
9. Celebrating Kristin and Kelly
10. Playing dress-up with friends in my closet!

11. A church that earnestly prays for the people of the congregation
12. Celebrating Krislyn and watching her be suprised and excited! We love you!
13. Breaking out the fall decor around the house
14. The smell of Pumpkin Spice candles
15. Speaking truth out of experiences that have shaped us

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Speaking the Truth for real!

I had a good weekend too, sweet and beautiful Katelin. Thanks for being you.

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