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Blessings in the Waiting: 223-220

Since I'm not really a weekend blogger...I think I'm going to need to make up for the days of blessings that I do not record in a marathon-style post covering the last days of weekends and holidays :). Enjoy!

1. Actually flying the SAME direction as Blake on an airplane (and happening to sit next to him with a row to ourselves!)
2. Walking off the plane and not feeling 100+ degree temps
3. Having a HOT tub actually feel good on a chilly evening
4. Chex Mix from the Back to School sale satisfying my mid-airport craving
5. Blake's new car! It's perfect and JUST what we were praying for!

6. Being disconnected from my phone almost an entire day
7. A fantastic hike with an amazing view at the top
8. Farmers Markets...need I say more?
9. Reuniting with our "glue" and my sorority sister from the good ole days!
10. A delish home cooked meal that I didn't cook!

11. Longhorn victory, Sooner defeat
12. Fire pits.
13. Wine, buses, 15 partners in crime
14. Loud worship music that allowed me to sing it out....loud
15. Doing homework with Blake on the patio - quality converstation and thought provoking ideas

16. An early meeting that went better than expected after just a few hours of rest
17. A peaceful drive through the Texas hillcountry
18. Having one of my favorite sandwiches in Austin
19. Bringing home a suprise gift for B!
20. Connecting with Mindy, Nathan, Avery and Emerson

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I'm blessed to have you. :)

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