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PF Changs Rock and Roll 1/2

What am I getting myself into? For some reason I’ve committed myself to running in the half marathon in Phoenix in January. I’m not sure that I’m ready for this or if my knees will even hold up (I’ve had 7 knee surgeries), but I’m ready to give this a go and give training my all. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do! A half marathon is something that’s on my “bucket list” of life experiences. I’ve trained for one in the past but the knees didn’t last long enough and I ended up having to go in for surgery a few weeks beforehand. Not that I have enough to do these days, but for some reason, I think committing to a regular training schedule will really be great for me. An awesome way to put stress at bay and increase those endorphins! Right?

My cousin Jessie who is more of an experienced half-marathoner is going to come out for the race in January. I’m most excited about spending some time with her with 2 hours of catch up while we run. I’m not sure I will be able to hang with her on the course– but the exciting news is that she is coming out to Arizona to visit! My sister might also make the trip out to run with us. She has terrible knees as well (runs in the family) so she’s a little bit on the fence, but is going to make her best effort at it! Watch out for the 3 crazy redheads! Blake’s great friend (and one of our groomsmen) is going to come as well. He is a regular marathon racer so we won’t even try to keep up with him. Blake is going to be training with me and a bunch of our friends from AZ are thinking they will join in the fun! Who’s with me????!

Training starts on Monday for me. I’m doing a Hal-Higdon training program spread out over a couple weeks per my sister’s suggestion (she’s completed a couple halfs already!). If anyone has any tips or advice on training and sticking to it, I’m all ears!

Looks like I’m doing this for real. No backing out now. It’s out there. It’s on paper. I’ve committed. And you’re my accountability. Here we go!


Kyle said...

First 10 miles = cake
Last 3.1 miles = absolute hell

...but have fun!!

Liz Elston said...

Yay go for it! I have loved this for my past few halfs...

It's awesome, if you want a gadget to play with! It will beep at you every mile...tell you your pace...beep if you are going to fast or too slow. Its awesome!

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