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Blessings in the Waiting: 213-211

Some how I ended up getting really behind on my postings for Blessings in the Waiting. I'm really not as diligent about this as I would like to be.....oh well. I started from the beginning of this blog saying that this was not about perfection. For my few readers out there...thanks for the grace.

I've been on the road quite a bit for work these days. It's keeping me really really busy, but the blessings keep coming. My travel should quiet for a couple weeks now, that is something to look forward to!

1. An energetic group of travel buddies, with me as the team minivan driver!
2. Prayerful friends, despite a challenging situation for our sweet friend. I'm so thankful for our community that loves each other well.
3. A fabulous dinner on the Riverwalk filled with laughter, sarcasm and story telling. I'm blessed by talented, intelligent and just amazing people as co-workers
4. A night at the Watermark.....I could move in if I could afford it!
5. Cooler Texas weather and lunch outside

6. Room service
7. A collaborative, energizing meeting with great results. Hard work payed off!
8. Connecting conversation
9. Making faces at people on the airplane and creating a scene in our delirium
10. A cuddle/catch up visit by B after I got home from the airport.

11. A love note left in my kitchen for me this morning. A perfect way to start the day
12. Catching up with the roomie over coffee at the kitchen table
13. Working from home with no make up on
14. Moms and Mother-in-laws to be that will stop at nothing to make sure you aren't stressing and that every detail is right. They are simply wonderful and love me no matter how tired, grouchy and stressed I am!
15. Hearing I was missed last night and a phone call that made me feel loved and pursued.


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