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Blessings in the Waiting: 164-162

1. Finding a sweet pair of boots at last chance
2. Very quick flight to Texas - some time to get organized
3. Driving different rental cars each week....I like to change it up
4. Roaring Fork Green Chille Stew
5. An encouraging conversation with my new manager

6. Feeling challenged
7. The convenience of the so dependant, but it makes my life so easy
8 Delish Riverwalk dinner
9. Not feeling intimidated by people that I should probably be intimidated by....
10. Connecting with co-workers

11. An engaging and collabortive meeting
12. Beautiful Texas weather - the turning of the seasons is the perfect time!
13. Alignment
14. A sweet fiance waiting at the bottom of my stairs with cheery sunflowers at the end of a long long day
15. Managing to get an aisle seat on Southwest after nearly missing my flight!


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