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Blessings in the Waiting: 154-151

1. Queso and ritas with the ladies!
2. Reconnecting with Julie in AZ!
3. Getting fro-yo instead of going to a piano bar an being totally fine with it
4. An awesome lunch that encouraged my heart!
5. The fact that it actually feels like summer is OVER!

6. Sweaty, intense yoga session alone
7. Texas Football and being surrounded by UT Alums and one really cute Aggie (who is the best sport ever!)
8. Friendgiving 2009! Delish food and fabulous friends!
9. Having Jen's photo book turn out so great and getting to have friends write sweet things in it for her
10. A sign in Blake's neighborhood that said, "Found: Necklace" and someone with the heart to return it! AMAZING!

11. Listening to Blake pray with 31 friends around us.....and watching him become an awesome leader :)
12. Rediscovering my love to draw....during the sermon on Sunday...uh oh
13. Watching Hudson with Blake and seeing even more how much he loves kids and how great of a dad he will be someday!
14. A fun evening with the Konrads over some take-out and French Horn concerts
15. Snuggling and taking a load off my feet after a busy weekend!


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