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Blessings in the Waiting: 39-38

1. A date-like dinner with my hubby to be complete with some Tuesday night vino and the sound of the fountain on our patio
2. My wonderful mom who will stop at nothing to make sure every detail is taken care of for wedding day
3. Cuddling...It might be my favorite thing to do ....ever
4. Enjoying the last few weeks of having a girl roomie and sharing some accessories...I'll miss you Lex!
5. Texting and chatting with the girls over the weekend's events and feeling so close and loved by each of them!

6. Running lots and lots of errands over the lunch hour - wedding season is here!
7. Getting my rehearsal dinner dress :)
8. Hearing, " you just need to focus on your wedding and personal life this month" at work - how amazing!
9. News of an exciting meeting for Mac!
10. Realizing not only is my wedding coming up, but my honeymoon is toooooo!


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