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Blessing in the Waiting: 49-47

1. Enjoying some Tejas Trio and catch up conversation
2. Taking home my dress and veils from the shop. It all fits! Taking it home makes this all feel sooo real!
3. A sweet and generous friend that will stop her wedding prep to help me :) Thanks JH (soon to be JW)
4. People watching at Fashion Square...oh so fun
5. A lovely bit of quality time with Julia over shopping and iced tea

6. Entertaining for the first time at the new house!
7. Pot luck breakfast tacos and mimosas so yummy
8. The smell of Alexis' scones coming out of the oven
9. Getting dressed up to go out and dancing in my bathroom with the girls! Felt like college all over again!
10. Dancing with friends for a night out on the town

11. The sound of rain hitting the skylight
12. Blake's heart of service for me and for others.
13. Having some alone time w/ B and w/ myself to reconnect and catch up a bit on life
14. Grocery shopping @ F&E - I love that place!
15. Having church at the Chef's Loft. Such a cool space. I loved it.


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