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Blessings in the Waiting: 44-40

Get ready....this is a BIG one!

1. Feeling so loved by all the comments and feeback about our engagement pics. I can't believe even strangers commented!
2. Getting my wedding dress to ATX in one piece without too many wrinkles!
3. Being ahead of schedule and having a potentailly hectic day turn out very smoothly
4. Having a slow enough work week to escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by 2 days of vacation
5. A sweet boy to carry my bags and get me to the airport on time (B)

6. Meeting all of my hair and make up gals for a test run for a wedding and loving their personalities and talents! I'm so excited to have them make us b-e-a-utiful for wedding day!
7. Feeling so special in my wedding dress for bridal portraits - having someone ask me if I was a model or a real bride made me smile :)
8. An incredible, loving mother who brushed every hair out of my eyes and fixed every pleat on my dress to get some great pics!
9. A fun and energetic photographer. So excited to work with Kathryn!
10. Perfect Austin weather. One of those days that makes you think, "why don't I live here?"

11. My amazing sister and incredible planning skills to make my weekend so perfect!
12. Having 10 WONDERFUL women fly or drive to see me to celebrate along my side doing crazy fun things during a weekend I won't forget!
13. My insanely generous cousin, Mindy, who opened her home up to all of us girls for some insanely fun times!
14. 80s gear in public places. Too much fun!
15. Lizzie's homemade gifts :)

16. Coming home to my love.
17. Having a quiet night with a dinner fixed by B for me to relax and unwind. Not to mention meals planned and groceries shopped for for the WHOLE week!
18. The best breakfast tacos I've ever eaten
19. Saying goodbye to the lovely ladies in my life and knowing I'll see them again in 5 short weeks!
20. Inpromptu dance parties in the living room

21. An encouraging and motivating meeting with my director. I'm thankful for encouragement!
22. Incredible views out my office windows that I take for granted every day
23. Cloud cover on the mountains - makes me feel like I'm in some rainforrest jungle - so relaxing on a rainy day!
24. Being so sore and having bruises all over me - but knowing it was allll very worth it
25. 8:30 bedtimes....Bearenstein Bears and Too Much Bachelorette Party


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