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Blessings in the Waiting: 90-88

1. Playing with Trevin while the Kersey's had an evening out!
2. Creative and very quick meals planned for the week
3. Having the best chopper/sous chef/dish washer by my side
4. Feeling super productive at work, even on a Friday!
5. Catch up lunch with my sweet friend Jesse

6. Making and actually following meal plans for the week
7. Meeting new friends and getting a great work out!
8. Enjoying a chill evening with amigos - not feeling the pressure to go to the bars/clubs and just relax together instead
9. Running into Hannah and Scott for the second week in a row and LGO :)
10. Seeing a proof of our invites! It's actually happening!

11. Sunday afternoon naps
12. Postino...yummmmmmmm
13. Celebrating Jenny and Chaz! Yay for the newly weds!
14. A convicting and thought stimulating message
15. Dancing w/ B


Julia said...

I bought a plane ticket :)

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