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DIY Headboard: Part 1

We did a little shopping for the materials for our headboard DIY project last weekend. That's one happy hubby in the Orange Palace for Men (AKA Home Depot). With the help from a wedding gift card - B scored some new saw horses (on sale!), a staple gun, and some new blades for the jigsaw. We also got the plywood to cut into the backing of the headboard and some brackets to mount the headboard on the wall with. We also bought some batting and scouted out fabrics to use to complete our look. I fell in love with a certain b-e-a-utiful ikat metallic fabric (that happens to be VERY pricey) - I think I've always had expensive taste. Go figure. Looks like this project may not turn out to be such an affordable solution after all.... We haven't ordered it yet, so I'm thinking about hunting for something more reasonable; but once my heart is set on something, it's usually hard to budge!

I think B's excited about taking on a very hands-on DIY project and come up with some great results. I'm so so so thankful I married a handy man that's excited to try new things and take on fun projects with me.


krislyn. said...

I can not wait to see the finished results!

Blake Parrish said...

Proud to call you my wife; the plain wood headboard is going to look great in the trailer, all the others in our mobile home park are bound to be jealous. :)

Jenna said...

Hi Katelin! Blake told me about your blog last night and I love it!! We seem to have the same taste (and clear love for Anthropologie). Next time you both need to come up here! :)

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