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Half Marathon, Here We Come!

It must be a good thing that I splurged on a new pair of running shoes recently, because Blake and I are officially signed up for the San Antonio Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in November!  

Not exactly sure what we are getting ourselves into, but I'm looking forward to training to get in shape to make this half happen.  I trained for one in the past and then ended up having to have a follow up knee surgury so I didn't get to run my race.  I'm glad to have Blake by my side to train and hopefully run with.  A few of my girlfriends are also going to be running.  Should be nice to have a few others to train with as well.

Now we just need these 105 degree temps to drop so we can find some cooler weather to run in.  It was still 100 outside when we finnished our run at 8:30pm last night!  (Note to self: don't eat dinner and go run in 100 degree weather)

Any tips or advice on training is more than welcome!  My sister's (she's a seasoned half marathoner) best advice was to strength train as well as get a super cute outfit to run in day of! :) Love her!

Wish me luck!


krislyn. said...

Good Luck!! You guys will rock it. And your sister gave you the best advice!

Chelsea Faherty said...

Duncan and I are running this race too! It's so fun. Good Luck with training, it's an awesome feeling when you are done!

Elle Beautiful said...

Lovely blog! Good luck on your marathon! I've always wanted to brave one!


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