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Girls Weekend!

This weekend we have quite the celebration in store for my dear friend Catherine.  We are going to live in up in Austin all because....
.....this beautiful lady is marrying this handsome gentleman in just a few short weeks. 

A group of Catherine's closest friends are coming to Austin to take over the Parrish house in hopes of a weekend that will go down in the books, celebrating one of her last nights as a single lady.  I have a feeling there will be lots of vino, laughter, yummy food, dancing, some embarassment for the bride and that crazy high that girls seem to get on once they are around each other. 

I have so many awesome memories with Catherine and I'm so happy to celebrate her this weekend!  I can't wait, together with all of her friends, to make it a special time for her to look back on.

Catherine and I have experienced so much together.  We have some incredible memories as friends.  From traveling Europe for a month together to being roomates our senior year (next door our Freshman year).  We watched our Longhorns win a National Championship from Pasadena, celebrated 21st birthdays, shared a graduation party, graduated from the business school together, stood up in Aleigh's wedding together, had her as a part of my wedding and now get to be a part of hers!  (Just to name a few). 

She's a dear friend to me and one that I hope to keep for a lifetime! 

C - can't wait for you to get here and get the party started!  Yay for the bride!


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