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This was a good week....

I can't believe Friday is already here!  This week flew by, but it's definitely been a good one. I don't usually sing the praises of my Monday-Fridays but this one was a good one.  I also know that this week is usually about my non-work life - but I wanted to share the great work week I had as well....

Sunday was spent catching up from the fun weekend and then spending some much needed down time with B since I kicked him out of the house all weekend for girls time.  He was such a good sport.  :)  We headed to church later that afternoon and then joined some friends for a Superbowl Party and indulged in some junk food.  My Superbowl highlights were the Usher cameo during the Black Eyed Peas halftime show and watching the hilarious commericals. 

Monday was a busy work day after having multiple distractions the week prior due the power outages and snow.  It felt good to check a lot off my to do list.  That night I made tasty dinner and we enjoyed a glass of wine too and just had some one on one time to catch up. Our sweet friend, Tina, joined us later too.  SO glad she came over! 

Tuesday morning I headed out early to a team meeting in San Antonio.  We stayed at Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk.  A really productive meeting filled with good brainstorming sessions, team building and goal setting.  I love feeling motivated and energized to go be my best after meetings like that.  That evening, we went to the San Antonio rodeo to see Reba and eat tons of fair food.  I think I gained 20 pounds this week between the Rodeo and the Superbowl!  The best thing we ate was a fried PB&J.  YUM!

Wednesday we wrapped up our meeting session and then I drove back to Austin.  Blake and I had a nice dinner at home and then he headed off for his small group.  I had some awesome time with the Lord.  It's amazing how just being alone will quiet my heart and allow me to focus on Jesus.  I sipped on some decaf coffee and read cozied up under a blanket.  Just what I needed.  Why don't I do it more and more and more and more?  God's working on me in discipline and consistency.  Thank you Lord for grace.

Thursday evening was my night for small group.  We met for the first time last week, but had the full group this time around.  I am so blessed by the honesty, vulnerability and love of this group.  It's going to be a good one.  I know it.  A couple weeks back I wrote about craving the intimacy of the girls group I had in AZ.  Look what the Lord has now abundantly blessed me with!  He.  Is.  Good. 

And today, Friday, we both decided to take the day off to head to Shiner, Texas for a pre-birthday celebration for B.  I know we will be enjoying some BBQ and Beer and most of all eachother.  I love our roadtrips!  Can't wait to tell you about it when we get back!  Pre-Valentines dinner tonight too.  I can't wait to try this place....I've wanted to go there for years!  Yay for celebrations!

Here's to a great week and the start of a great weekend!


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