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Winner Winner Chicken (Salmon) Dinner: Herb Crusted Salmon and Creamed Spinach

Our favorite dinner this week was our Herb Crusted Salmon with Creamed Spinach.  Both of these recipes are the kind that just kind of "sit" in my head and I don't really have them on paper or have specifics on how I make them again and again (I know, not helpful at all).  That said, I think I'll take a stab and putting these recipes down here.  Kinda fun that I actually get to claim them as my own! 

Disclaimer:  If you give these a try and they don't turn out....I'm sorry!  They are more of a little of this, a little of that type creations!  So, good luck!

Herb Crusted Salmon
I make this salmon by creating a herb paste in a small prep bowl.  I start with a large amount of dried dill (maybe 1.5 T), add in some garlic (1 clove fresh), 1/4 t of oragano, 1/4 t of garlic, 1 pinch of red pepper flakes or a couple shakes of Tabasco, 1/4 onion salt, some freshly cracked pepper and a pinch of sea salt.  I then add enough olive oil to turn this into a paste.  I also add about (depending on how much you like mustard) a spoonful of dijon mustard.  Spread this paste over the top of your fish.  Line a baking dish with foil (much easier clean up!) and bake at 375 to your desired temperature.  When I start seeing the white fat ooze out of the fish, it's usually close to being done and still moist enough too.  This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. 

Easy (and fairly healthy) Creamed Spinach
Sometimes I just want a little more indulgence to my veggies.  This is a great way to get the nutrients from fresh, green veggies and still have a satisfying, warm side dish.

Take 1/2 bag of fresh spinach (I sometimes incorporate about 1/2 a bag of defrosted chopped frozen spinach) and julliane the leaves.  Finely dice 1/2 yellow onion and throw both veggies into a mixing bowl.  Add in 1/2 cup light sour cream, a small handful of grated parmesean, salt, pepper and 1-2 cloves of garlic.  Stir together to form a mixture that is moist, but not overly wet.  Spray a shallow baking dish with Pam and spread in mixture to the dish.  Top with small amount of sprinkled parmesan and some panko breadcrumbs if you desire.  Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 until the spinach is hot all the way through and the cheese is melted on top.  Serve hot. 

Are these recipes helpful?  Is anyone trying these?  Should I keep going down this path with the blog? Would love your feedback!


Kristina said...

Considering I couldn't get Tyler to eat either of these creations if I tried......I probably won't make them. BUT, I LOVE hearing about them because they sound delicious. They are the kind of meals I can make for myself when my significant other is out of town :)

jordy liz said...

i like them! i want more :)

Lindsay and Scott said...

LOVE IT... now I just have to convince my hubby to cook it for me this weekend! Shouldn't be a problem since they sound delicious!

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