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Catherine's Bachelorette Weekend!

C's bachelorette weekend was a great time! She is truly blessed with a great group of friends.  It was clear that she surrounds herself with wonderful women.  I loved getting to know each of them better as we celebrated Catherine.  

The weekend flew by and I was pooped by the time it was said and done, but it was well worth it!  It was the perfect mix of relaxation, yummy food and drink, fun on out on the town and some good ole fashioned girl time.  I hope Catherine felt loved and celebrated and had a wonderful time! It was so so good to be with her!

Here are a few scenes from the weekend:

Some photos of the decorations to turn our casa into a festive party scene.  I recreated the pom garland that I did for Liz's shower and made it bachelorette style complete with bras, panties and martini glasses!  If you look close, you might even find Joe in the picture too!

After eating a make-your-own pizza meal we enjoyed some coffee and watched Catherine open gifts.  I didn't post the pictures in attempts to make the post PG rated :)  She certainly was a blushing bride!

Even with a snow day on Friday, we managed to have incredible weather on Saturday for wine tasting near Fredericksburg! We took a limo out to the hill country and sipped on mimosas on our way there.  Our first stop was Becker Vineyards and then headed to Torre di Pietra for some live music, a picnic lunch and shared a couple of bottles of vino. I can't wait to go back. 

My dear college friends all together!  I love you girls!

The whole group pictured with our pourer from Becker.  He offered Catherine some excellent marital advice.  A sweet old man :)

Joe came along for the ride too!  :)

Can't wait to for the wedding weekend in just a couple weeks.  So looking forward to more celebrations and the honor to stand up by Catherine's side.  So happy for you C!


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