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Tour De Tejas: Fredericksburg and Enchanted Rock

To wrap up our Christmas break, B and I took a day trip near Austin to take in some of the sites we've been wanting to explore the past few months.  After a quick stop at Torchy's Tacos for some sustenance, and Summer Moon Coffee for some caffeine, we headed out into the hill country.  So grateful for my company car!

The first stop on our list was to Enchanted Rock.  B had been there a while back, but I had not been as of yet.  Mac and Tommy have told us that they loved their excursion there so we thought we would enjoy it as well.  When we lived in Arizona, hiking became one of our favorite activities in the desert.  I've missed big mountains here in Texas, but this was a nice way to get back outdoors.  We took the Loop trail around the outside of the park.  The terrain was beautiful and the peace and quiet was also a treat.  We circled back around and then climbed to the top of the rock.  I was certainly winded after spending over a week layed up on the couch!  It was so windy at the top!  The views of the hill country were beautiful.  Part 1 was a success!

After our hike we headed into Fredericksburg.  Blake had a single mission to have a Fredericksburg Pretzel while we were there.  It was our first stop in town.  I thought it was quite tasty even for a girl that doesn't love pastries and sweets!  We strolled among the shops and popped in a few.  Everything was still decorated for the holidays. There were so many people out and about as well.  Hunger set in and we found some German food at a restaurant we had seen on the Day Tripper show on PBS.  We both enjoyed a cold beer and shared a sausage platter complete with sauerkraut, German potato salad and potato pancakes.  Yum!  Such a cute and quaint town. 

On our way back home we headed to one of the wineries that I've been wanting to experience near Fredericksburg, Becker Vineyards.  We shared a tasting and found a couple wines that we actually thought were tasty.  No surprise that my favorite was the most expensive bottle.  Champagne taste on a beer budget! :)  The setting was beautiful.  I'd love to venture back when things are in bloom, especially the lavender. 

Tired and sore we headed back home after a pit stop off at the new HEB in Dripping Springs. ( My hubby is always such a good sport when I'm grocery shopping!  )  I would definitely recommend our day trip to anyone who is looking for a getaway from Austin.  I can't wait to explore more small surrounding cities in Texas; it actually felt like a mini vacay!


Team Roy said...

Sounds like a success! I loved enchanted rock when I went a few years back.

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